A Short Bio....


As a peewee, I once asked my dad how comic strips were drawn. That night, he came home with his kid cartoonist’s first dip pens and a bottle of ink. I’m still hooked on black & white, now more so than ever in fact, and have spent much of my life with ink up to my elbows and spots on my clothes.

I grew up in Colorado and learned to fly fish along the South Platte River, as it flowed in countless oxbows through a great valley ranch. It was a paradise. Dad and I had it almost all to ourselves and were lucky. I’m still a passionate fly fisher, but now I spend more time painting. I’m drawn to fine country, living textures, the parade of seasons, ever changing light, small discoveries and how rivers run. My way of playing hooky is to make pictures of anything else! Actually, I play hooky a lot, as you’ll see.

pic-flippedImagine me at work outdoors until it’s too cold to enjoy. Then you’ll find me in a dusty attic studio, where I try to paint whatever’s on my mind. That’s actually kind of hard, but I keep at it until each new Spring arrives. Sometimes I teach. I’m good at making things, don’t mind my reputation as a mythic super realistic fly tier and have written prolifically for fly fishing magazines in the US, Britain and Japan. I’m an enthusiastic collector of antiquarian and Japanese prints. My hands are full. I’m loved and am still very, very lucky.