My Favorite Mountain • September 29, 2016



Mount Haynes Behind the Madison River #1, Yellowstone National Park, 2014

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 24″ x 18″



This is the first of many views I’ve done of Mt. Haynes, which is my favorite peak in Yellowstone National Park. I began it standing right there, worked on it further in a motel room on a rainy day, and finished it back home in my studio.


Below is the 14th (and last) Mt. Haynes picture I’ve done. I like seeing where I started and ended. Before the huge fire in 1988, there really were BIG trees there. You can still see some of the remnant trunks and stumps. The forest has come back a long way since then. Maybe if I’m still around in another 20 years, I’ll see the Yellowstone country again as I remember it from my childhood.



Mount Haynes #14 – Memory of Big Trees, Yellowstone National Park, 2016

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 24″ x 18″



You can see the whole series here:


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