The Hedgehog Who Was a Dreamer • October 9, 2016


Amelia Hedgehog


Good Morning All –


Two Christmases ago, my sister, Kay, and I decided to try to bring on of her clever poems to life as a present for Reidun. We set out with high – and very naive – hopes. The end result was a number of really gorgeous backgrounds and the nuts and bolts of the two main characters.


This is Amelia the hedgehog, who’s dearest wish is to fly. Sadly, sis and I are very inexperienced animators, so we never got Amelia past walking a few steps, looking up blinking and then hopping once. Yeah boy, we were aiming just a little too high! Still, we did manage to put together a few wonderful backgrounds and work out the beginnings of something special.


I’m half tempted to see if Kay would like to pick up this project again this Christmas. Hmmmm. . .


Have a fine Sunday – and happy Columbus Day too!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: here is Amelia, just about home after having gone out for a little nighttime stroll:


Amelia Arrives Home


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