Work ethic • • January 19, 2018


Been thinking about something:


When he was little, a friend of mine became fascinated by the man who was putting a new slate roof on his house. He loved watching this guy work, peppering him with questions like you can imagine, but the fellow arrived before sun up and worked into darkness. Such long days are very hard on a kid.


One day, he asked the roof man why he came so early and worked so hard. The old fellow grinned and replied, “Gotta work from from cain’t to cain’t if you wanna get it done right and quick.”


“What’s that mean?”


“It means you work from cain’t see to cain’t see no moah.”


That’s going to be me for a bit.


I won’t be writing to you this weekend – but until my next post, here’s a Montana mountain in dirty weather and looming darkness.


Logan Mt. Haynes 10