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Hey ya –


I’m still incredibly backlogged with new work I must get up on the website. Thus, the my new plan – starting now – is to completely catch up by the end of February. That’s pretty ambitious, but I think I can do it.


Towards that end, here’s a sunflower painted from life in Montana – and finished on my birthday last August. Compared to the flower paintings I’m doing in the studio (and out of my head – see my previous post, for instance), this is really tame. Yet it shares some of the same method and moves as my crazy stuff. Neat to see!


If you want to take a look at others from this same small series, you can by clicking right here .


Your Buddy Bill




Sunflower for Atanas #4, 2016

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 24″ x 18″






I took a little break from painting dragonflies today!


Here are quick snapshots of two new pictures I like. The first one is actually made of two different halves that I put together. I bet that confused you! Remember, all of the paintings I’m currently working on are done on two sheets, taped together. Some time soon, I suspect I’ll start migrating onto even more sheets than that! It’ll be interesting, but I’m still me, so I mess up A LOT of pictures – probably two out of three. Often though, one sheet or the other (in other words, one half of the picture) isn’t bad. So, I’ve been saving ’em and have quite a stack!


Recently, I’ve begun fooling around with pairing up orphans to try to make new pictures. It sure leads to odd juxtapositions, and images I never could have anticipated! Of course, lots of marks and brush strokes don’t carry across the joint between the sheets (how could they?). I have to get pretty inventive (and often quite brutal with the paper) as I try to make two halves become one picture. But what is there to lose? And I’m very good now at patching and reinforcing fragile sheets from behind!





Here’s the post I promised for Sunday, a day early. I’m going to be holed up in my studio tomorrow – bet I won’t stop slinging ink for nuthin’!


This is just a little dragonfly, taking a plunge. Don’t know why he’s doing it, other than it was fun to fit him in the space that way!


I’m constantly aware of – and working on getting better at – change-ups in textures, but even more so at juggling bold marks and their character. There is no logical reason that the wing at bottom left should go all gray and watery, or that it’s mate should be indicated just in thin outline. But it works, is interesting and keeps the bug’s front end quiet. In turn, that sets up/balances the big, black marks that become the rear wings and body. The intensity in the middle of the picture attracts and focuses your attention, before you starting looking around.


I’m not a big thinker, so I don’t ponder or plan any of this beforehand. There is no under-drawing. I pretty much run on intuition, and hope good things might happen. I decide to make a certain kind of mark, do it somewhere that makes sense, and build the picture from there, in response to what’s happening. Often, I go through quite a few attempts before I feel I’ve worked out the moment or notion. Wish I could just nail it and keep moving, but I’m not that guy either!



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #5

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Hello Again –


I was actually setting this one up for tomorrow’s post, but had to show it to you now, because this dragonfly turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to! That hardly ever happens.


I was shooting for bold, fluid, suggestive, slightly blurry – slightly not – – – and all of it teetering on the edge of abstraction. It occupies it’s space perfectly, and the play off between the big blacks and the spidery thin lines really does it for me too. Visually, it’s exciting. If I could make pictures like this all the time I would be wonderfully happy!


I’ll post again over the weekend – probably on Sunday –


Your Buddy Bill



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #6

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Good Morning!


I’m going to keep this short because it’s literally back to the drawing board for me. I have ink to sling and woke up this morning with an usual amount of impatience to get at it!


You’ve seen this before, when I was trying to figure out how much more to do on it. I opted to keep the body behind and in the middle of the wings much looser and more suggestive than first planned. Good decision! This is as far as I’m taking it. In others I working on, I’m still trying to capture the feeling of flight and motion. Having trouble with that, but that’s how its supposed to go!


I hope we all find, face and solve satisfying challenges today!


Your Buddy Bill



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #13

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Good Morning All –


I’m about to dive into a concentrated block of studio time – so I won’t post a dragonfly tomorrow – or probably Friday either. Here is an extra one today though, to at least partially make up for it!


I’m enjoying how some of my pictures are, for the most part, about the depiction of these cool insects, while others (like this or the previous one) are far more expressive and mark driven. Playing with painting – that’s my gig!


Stay snug and be creative!


Your Buddy Bill



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #9

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




There weren’t many marks spent making this disheveled little one, but each counted! Manipulating the water & ink puddles that became the wings took the most time. I used a hair dryer and multiple settings. It was as if I was the desert wind, pushing little lakes around and drying them up!



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #8

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Well Hello!


Here’s your daily dragonfly – dark with lots of texture and a bit craziness added! Tomorrow, I’ll post an elegant one, just to change things up. Have the finest day!


Your Buddy Bill



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #7

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Good Morning!


Well, I spent most of the weekend working on a dragonfly I either really like – or really don’t! Some pretty good stuff is happening in it, but somehow, it just doesn’t quite make it. Or does it? I hope I’m too wound up with this to see it clearly, so I’ll wrap it up and hide it for awhile, then move on.


Something interesting: I’ve reached the point where scraping, ripping and pecking clear through my paper – even in the naked white areas – is becoming a familiar method. I’m very good at patching and reinforcing my pictures from behind, and now, adding new white paper that is visible through all the ragged little holes adds still more dimension and texture. I’ll push this further – and keep you informed!


Meanwhile, here is a sweet damselfly – I think they’re fair game in this little series of mine too!



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #4

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




It hasn’t been a good day of painting, so I’ve capped my ink jars early, in favor of doing other chores. One of ’em is to set up tomorrow’s dragonfly for you. Here it is, and it’s one of my favorites thus far.


No post tomorrow – or maybe Sunday either. I’m going to ignore the world, sling ink, get some traction and make moves!




Your Buddy Bill



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #14

India ink and ephemeral graphite on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″






For a change of pace, here are some life-sized, super realistic aquatic nymphs I made some years ago – all done with methods borrowed or adapted from those used to tie fishing flies!


If you wish to see and read more about them, click here!





Hey ya –


I particularly like how caricaturized this one is.


Often, the first pictures I do in a series are quick and to the point. Then my nature kicks in and things get increasingly complicated and daring, often to such an extent that train wrecks occur. But if I’m not pushing hard, I’m not very happy. So, I look back with a bit of longing, and forward with a mix of hope and confusion. Sometimes, it comes as a surprise that the pictures I’m doing in the middle of it all turn out quite well.


I’ll show you another one tomorrow!


Your Buddy Bill



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #1

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Well hello!


I have at least 140 new two-sheet images, many of which will be bound into accordion folded albums of 12 pictures each. It’ll take lots of shuffling to figure out the right pictures and order for these albums, but guess what? I can use a digital reader to create virtual albums, so I can see exactly how things will look before I ever get to the real binding! Ya gotta love technology!


A couple things I know already: each pair of sheets will have to be hinged in the middle first, and I think I’m also going to add a nice deckle edge on each side. I really like the way this looks, and so far, I like the quiet green you see here the best.


Soon, you’ll get to watch as these albums are sorted into shape, but meanwhile, here’s a peek at what I’ve been painting! At least one – and maybe two – of the albums will be all about dragonflies! Did you know Norwegians call dragonflies eye-stickers? I love that, and since one of these albums is for my Sweetie, it’s only fitting that this little series of high fliers be titled in Norwegian.



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #12

India ink and ephemeral graphite on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″






Good Morning All!


If you haven’t seen ’em yet, you might enjoy taking a look at some of my articles, in a handy new digital reader format. There are almost 30 available now. Turn a few pages and have some fun reading about fly fishing, fly tying and fine country. There’s some pretty good story telling thrown in too – and lovely photos – click here!








Good Morning All –


Everything I’m doing right now depends on me doing a lot of other things first. So no great show-n-tell yet, but that will change in a big way. My brilliant web Guru is about to set me up with new categories and a digital reader option in the DRAWINGS•PAINTINGS section of this website.


In prep for that, I’ve begun, sorting, reinforcing and flattening about 120 paintings that will then be scanned. After that, another round of sorting begins, as I order and shift the pictures into digital readers, which to begin with, will act as virtual albums. Once I’m satisfied with how they look, the actual construction and binding begins! I want to have between 6 and 10 real albums done by springtime. Then I’m going to start tickling a New York City gallery with an exhibition idea.


Big plans, I gotta get back to ’em, and you’ll be able to start watching soon!


Your Buddy Bill



So, the latest silence isn’t because nothing has been going on, but because A LOT has been!


First off, 2016 was one of the best creative years I’ve ever had! The funny thing is that until I tallied up all the pictures I finished (and how well I’d done), my perception was that it was one of my more difficult years. Now I think both are true.


So what’s next? What I can say now is that I’ve done something like 120 pictures in the last 4 months, and almost all are part of a  new project that really snuck up on me and has taken hold. I’m in deep. As soon as I figure out a bit more, I’ll tell you all about it.


AND, if you haven’t visited my website lately, there is a real treat ahead! It’s grown tremendously, with many new sections now open and loading up with great stuff. The links below will take you to lovely photography, bug making and fly tying. Almost THIRTY of my articles are now also available in a cool new digital reader format. And I’ve just opened my sculpture section too. Although there’s only one piece there so far, it’s really worth seeing.


Keep checking in – I hope to astonish you!


Your Buddy Bill


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