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Logan Studio snapshot 6-30-2016


This is just a quick snapshot of the picture I finished moments ago. Can’t wait to get it flattened and scanned, so you can really see how gutsy and dynamic the surface truly is. Perhaps in the closeup below, you can catch a hint of what I’m talking about, especially in the water!


Logan Studio snapshot 6-30-2016 detail


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 15 Makeready blog


Printing with India ink on an old iron press = printing with water = squishes out all over! Rust is bad!


I use paper folders to contain the mess, This is one of them. Pressure drove my ink clear through the sheets I was printing and into it – the result is a gorgeous bonus image!


I actually sent this picture through the press a second time to add more to it, so this is one of the first ones in which I intentionally started tweaking happenstance. That working partnership continues!


Here are closer views:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 15 Makeready detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 15 Makeready detail1 blog



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 27 blog


There are very subtle things going on in this one. I particularly like the sharp mountain textures in comparison to the more muted water below, in which I used sandpaper to grind in some wave highlights


The unrelenting, dense gray makes this picture sort of eerie, especially with a hazy sun (or is it a moon?) barely peeking through!


Here are close-up views of each sheet so you can see it all a little better:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 27 detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 27 detail1 blog


Logan Norway thumbnails

I still have quite a few more to finish, but I now have hi-res images and detail views for over 30 of my new mountain pictures uploaded on this website! You can find them RIGHT HERE and also RIGHT HERE. They’re sure worth checking out!



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 30 blog


You saw an earlier studio snapshot of this, but here it is in glorious hi-resolution! Actually – if you wish to really see it at it’s best (and a whole lot of other mountains too), click RIGHT HERE!


Oh, and here are closeups of each of the two sheets that make this image:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 30 detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 30 detail1 blog



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 28 BLOG


Just put the scans for this one together, and it looks so damned fine that I had to show it to you. Beats the hell out of the studio snapshot I posted awhile back! NOW you can really see the complex interplay of textures and tones!




And here are the two halves, so you can dig into ’em a bit – – –


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 28 detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 28 detail1 blog



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 31 blog


I actually can’t quite decide what’s going on back in there – is that the most ethereal mountain ever, or is it sky? Dunno. But I sure like how this one sets up questions!




I probably won’t post again for a few days – so much to do, and I’m trying to get it done. Until next time, here are closeups of today’s Norway picture, to give you something to wander around in.


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 31 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 31A detail2 blog



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 23 blog


One wonderful thing about working on a bunch of pictures simultaneously is that eventually (sometimes it seems like a reeeeeeeally looooong eventually) lots and lots of ’em wrap up all at once. It’s happening now and I am VERY happy with some of my new Norwegian mountain pictures!


Logan Nikolai Mtn 24 blogpsd


They’re incredibly rich in textures and you can really wander around in them. Wow, I’m certainly going somewhere with these, and that’s a great way to feel.


MANY more are on the way, so keep an eye out! Here are some closer views for you too:


Logan Nikolai Mtn 24 detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai Mtn 24 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 23 detail1


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 23 detail2blog





Don’t know why – just felt like posting them. They’re fun to draw!


Hope you had a fine weekend – – – I did!











I sure like dragonflies! Everything about ’em is too cool. Should do more of these soon, right?


Logan Dragonfly 29


Actually, this one is a damselfly. Looks like a skinnier, more fluttery-colorful cousin, and it folds it’s wings over it’s back – – –





Logan Nikolai's Mt 13 makeready blog


Lately, I’ve been using an antique printing press to create some textures and portions of my pictures, but I work with India ink. Squishy, watery ink + an old iron press = RUST = BAD!!!


To contain the mess, I put what I’m printing inside paper folders – LIKE THIS ONE! The pressure drove the ink clear through what I was printing and into it. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL, UNEXPECTED BONUS PRINT!!


I should also mention that I’m printing images twice as big as my press bed. I manage it by folding what I’m printing in half so I can do two sheets at once. Here, let me quickly diagram what we’re really seeing here:


Logan Nikolai's Mt 13 makeready diagram



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 2 blog


A hi-resolution view of my first larger 2-sheet Norwegian mountain! It looks so much like an etching but nope, just India ink, lots of surface alteration and some other sneaky stuff!


Back to frantic work I go. If I get enough done by lunchtime, I’ll play hooky this afternoon and go fishing!


Here’s a closer look at each half:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 2 deta1l1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 2 detail 2 blog



Logan mountain reverse 6-10-18




Confused? Well, here’s a little background: I’m using a 100 year old printing press to create portions of my new mountain pictures, but printing with India ink is like trying to control squeezed water! It’s messy, and even in the best instance, barely predictable. But I’m gaining a VAST range of new pictorial and textural possibilities.


It’s no surprise that many pictures tank, and the one above is a perfect, miserable example. Nothing worked, not the pressure I used, the ink I applied or even happenstance. So, say goodbye, pitch it in the corner and start over, right? Yep that’s about how it was gonna go, that is until I turned the sheet over and . . . WOW!!!


I’m using such thin paper that my watery ink is being driven clear through my sheets! And it turns out the backare sometimes MUCH more interesting than the fronts! The next snapshot is the reverse side of what I had thought was a horrible picture:


Logan mountain 6-10-18


Pretty damned HOT! Obviously, I’ve done a lot more work on top of the ghost image I started with: further printing, plenty of brushwork and even a bit of digging and ripping along the bottom (that’s why you can see a patch in the top view). I can’t wait to flatten and scan this, so you can really see how rich and ethereal it is!


I’m going back in – lots and lots to try to get done this week, so posts may be sporadic – – –


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 10 blog


This one is finished! So you see, progress is being made on a more regular front too! The two views below are close ups of each sheet.




Logan Nikolai's Mountain 10 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 10 detail2 blog



Logan BIG 2-sheet mountain1


Do I have at least 50 pictures finished or still in progress of this Norwegian mountain I’m stuck on? Bet so. Every flat surface in my workspace is piled high with them – or the debris of a gazillion failed attempts. I’m being BURIED!


The flip side is that I have a TON of bits and parts to mess with. Rip, tear, tape & temporarily collage – – – it’s actually become kinda fun. And mind bending. Some of my creative paradigms are being shuffled around too!


The snapshots above and below are of two of the assemblages I’m talking about. They require A LOT of imagination and forgiveness on your part, but try hard and you might see pretty daring graphic ideas lurking in there. Yes, I know the big crack in the middle of the mountain belos can’t be straight like that, and all the ponderous black must somehow settle in more. And the picture up top? Sheesh, I don’t even know what to say – – – I’m learning here!


Logan BIG 2-sheet mountain2







This one lived in the scrap pile for awhile, then I rediscovered it and started messing with it more.


Not sure I like it, but then for some reason I can’t dislike it either. I think it has to do with the crazy juxtaposition of textures. At first glance, you might not even realize the dragonfly is there!







A silly little quick sketch – was meant to be a dragonfly, but just decided to stay a bug. Hey, I’m not all moody ol’ Norway over here!


As simple as it is, there are some nice moves in the bloom – – –





Logan Nikolai's Mountain 17 blog


I spend most of the making of my pictures trying to adjust to things I sort of wish hadn’t happened. That’s just how it goes when so much of what I’m doing both sets up – and is at the mercy of – happenstance.


So, when a picture like this spills out, so perfectly, as if it was already lined up and just waiting, I’m taken completely by surprise. Looking at it now, I can kinda figure out the moves in there, but do you think I’ve been able to get any of that incredible liquidy, organic mountain texture to show up in my other work yet? Yeah, keep dreamin’!


Here are close ups of both of the sheets:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 17 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 17 detail2 blog





An owl gone totally nuts. Is he even an owl anymore? Doesn’t matter – he’s still keeping his cool! Did him SIX years ago and just came across him again. It looks like I even used my electric toothbrush to make some of those marks!



Logan Nikolai's 17 BLOG




Soooooo many more of these are coming – AND they’re getting bigger, more daring and, well, just plain more everything! Some (like this one) are brooding, but others you will soon see are as light and bright as the sharp northern air.


At this point in my ink slinging, I’m painting with it, but also hand and press printing it, scrapping it in, smearing it on  – – – it’s a free for all. I’m astonished at how much more there is to mark making that just picking up a brush!


And I’m pleased at how much my paper can be manipulated and abused – while still holding together (sometimes barely). For instance, just look at the water across the bottom of this picture. I wrinkled and crinkled the heck out of it, then used the texture to pick up additional ink. I also did some sanding to add highlights to the high points. Painter, sculptor, what the heck am I?


Here is a closer view of each sheet:


Logan Nikolai's 17 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's 17 detail2 blog