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Logan Mountain 9-30-18




Just finished this mountain & water view – here’s a quick snapshot. Can’t wait to flatten/scan it. Then you’ll REALLY see it! There’s soooo much texture, grain and contrast happening in there that it almost hums with energy. Many more new pictures are coming too – keep watching!


Happy Sunday. If it’s lovely where you are, get out into the day – I’m gonna – – –


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Dragonfly 9-27-18


This incidental little fellow was forgotten in a pile of almost (but not quite) losers. What was he doing there? Kind of like him, so he has been cleaned up and on his way to being flattened/scanned.


Now I must get down to a day’s serious work!


More to come – – – –


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Phone Doodle Flower


Done a few minutes ago while chatting with a sick friend. Should I just keep adding sheets and keep going?


Why do I have the urge to put a bunch of ants in there too? Dali might have done it!



Logan Dragonfly 9-24-18


It began so well, but then the whole attitude of this picture shook lose and I lost control. Things that at first looked just great (like the head and hint of lower left wing), now look out of place. I don’t know how to fix or finish this mess but I must – it’s so close to exceptional. If I can just stretch. Hope I’ve got that reach!



Logan Butterfly 1 9-21-18


I am burying myself in bug pictures and butterfly wings! Don’t know where these came from or why I have such a strange compulsion.


My most pleasant surprise is that a lot of the transfer printing and painting I’ve been doing is suddenly working incredibly well. How is this possible? The charm of my method is that when things do work, the results are as marvelous as they are unpredictable. Of course, the flip side is that with so little control, unredeemable messes are just as likely! Yet I’ve wanted incredible butterfly wings and time after time I’m getting them!


Logan Butterfly 2 9-21-18


I AM AMAZED! They are COOL. And they look almost as if they emerged all on their own without any help from me. Which means now I’m in kind of a jam: how on earth do I put little bodies in the middle of all of these wings that have the same spontaneous, happenstantial feel? I have absolutely no idea – – – yet.


Exuberant, graphic bugs are happening too. They’re done with rapid intensity and it seems like they end up finally working only after I’ve given up on them and started making crazy, what-the-hell moves!


Logan bug 1 1 9-21-18


And finally, comes the oddest little beastie of all. I’m not even sure it’s an insect! That whole, squarish, head-ish area (on the left side) is made of scraps torn from other dead paintings and taped down. Actually to be precise, it’s mostly the backs of the scraps you’re seeing, where ink has bled or been driven through.


Oh what is going on? Up is down. Wrong is right. Or maybe it’s still just wrong. All I know is that I must keep my balance and keep going.


Logan bug 2 1 9-21-18



Logan Flowering 259 blog


I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up doing a whole lot more blooms. Many may go goofy – as this one did. So, big fun ahead!


Often, one or both sides of a two-sheeter looks quite fine on it’s own. Leaves me wondering if they should just be singles?





Logan Moth 9-17-18


Why oh why suddenly moths? Am certain no artist ever thought I am going to become the greatest moth painter. Could it be the unexpected path towards wisdom?


This is the quickest of snapshots, taken right on my worktable. More coming along right behind this one. Will post as I go!



Logan BIG dragonfly 2




You know there are stacks of half finished pictures up here in my lair. In fact, I have a hard time finding the ones I want to work on!


So, it just makes perfect sense that instead of dealing with what I’ve already started, I should begin still more – and decide to MAKE ‘EM REALLY BIG!


The 3-sheet dragonfly under way (at top) is a monster at 54 inches wide, while the one below (at left) is 2/3rds that. AND I’m starting to stack panels too. At right are three seemingly mismatched sheets from my Norwegian mountain pictures pile. Not sure why I’m looking at them this way, but something’s tickling my intuition. Wonder what it is and how it’ll sort out?


Logan BIG works 9-14-18



Logan Nikolai's 19 BLOG


Good Morning!


Am just about finished with this ‘ol Norwegian Mountain. 50-ish seems like a nice number. Some still to finish and I’m sure a few random others will dribble out, but I’m already beginning to shift gears.


You should see what I’ve been working on this week – soon enough I’ll show you!


Have the finest day!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: am intrigued with the notion of dark detail in/against dark backgrounds. Want to take it to where you can barely see what’s in there. The image up top is on the way, although I have much farther to go.


PPS: I like how the mist in the other painting below came out!


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 20 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 20 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 20 detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai's 19 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's 19 detail2 blog



Logan Canyon Buttresses - Storm


Had to show you this one. It started as a storm & rain picture, but then these buttressed canyon walls started to appear all on their own! Going with it and will go further. What a good start, right? Sorry for the so-so snapshot. Scans will come!


NOW, maybe I won’t post for a day or two. Working on more show-n-tell for ya’ll.



Logan studio 8-9-18


I have stacks and stacks of failed paintings in my workspace – which looks like this RIGHT NOW!


Yesterday, I decided to see if I could mine the detritus for scrap to try assembling new, unexpected pictures. Oh my. OH MY!


THIS next photo is of two halves from different pictures that fit almost perfectly together. I was surprised and pretty pleased until I turned them over to tape ’em together.


Logan collage front 9-9-18


THE BACK IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE FRONT! Utter happenstance. So graphically strong and unexpected! In this next photo, I’ve laid a few more torn up scraps of other pictures in and I gotta say, I’m thrilled with the prospects. Do I have the beginnings of a two-sided picture going here?


Logan scrap collage back 9-9-18


Annnnd, it gets even better! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED when I just laid the pieces below on top of each other with no attempt to adjust how they fit! Holy poop, I LOVE THIS. Am going to have to give it some serious time and attention. The assemblage is currently over 4′ long – and it could grow further!


Logan large collage 8-9-18


PLEASE click my last image to make it larger – you’ll see why I’m excited!


I won’t write you again for a few days – seems I have my hands full, don’t you think?



Logan butterfly 9-6-54


Just a quick snapshot as a sort of sneak peek – the scan I do in a week or so will show you a ton more subtlety.


I enjoyed doing this picture – more b-fly pictures will flutter in before year’s end!





Fun to see these again – did ’em 23 years ago! Is it time for a few more?

Thinkin’ about it.





Logan - BEWICKS_PIG1 blog


From looooong ago – but I’m still fond of it.


My picture was a takeoff on another (see below), by Thomas Bewick, a British artist who pretty much invented wood engraving in the late 18th century.


My pig is waaaaaaay cuter!







Workin’ on a fine picture for my Sweetie – whose b-day was yesterday. Hope to finish it today, and then take a quick snapshot for you.


Meanwhile, here’s a little something to start your morn. Make this day count – and so will I!





In moments, I’ll begin the first day of my big ink-slinging push. Hope it’ll take me clear through to next Spring – with December off to paint butterflies for my Sweetie.


I wonder how this all will go? Time to find out!



Logan Storm Cloud 9


Good Morning – and more show-n-tell for you – – –


There are such beautiful marks and effects in all of these, and they were painted in a motel room! What’s gonna happen now that I’m back in my studio, where I can make BIG messes, use my printing press to squash ink around and really let fly? Today we’ll begin finding out – – –




Logan Storm Cloud 6


Logan Storm Cloud 7


Logan Storm Cloud 8


Logan Storm Cloud 2



It’s good to be home, although I had a wonderful August, with every kind of fun I’d hoped for! Something surprising is that I began painting Montana thunderheads, storms and rain skirts. Oh holy moly, that was tougher than I expected!


How do I judge what I did? Will anything from that experience filter into upcoming work? I guess we’ll find out! My workspace is clean and reorganized, so I’m all set for my next BIG, BIG push.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: below are quick snapshots of some storm pictures. One thing I quickly learned is that clouds with nothing else adding context to their picture are kinda confusing. Thus, I spent a lot of time in and around Yellowstone National Park photographing ridge lines and hills that might look good below big, booming skies! Should I plug them into some of these views, or just dive in to new attempts? Am leaning towards the latter – – –




Logan Storm Cloud 10


Logan Storm Cloud 5


Logan Storm Cloud 4


Logan Storm Cloud 3


Logan Storm Cloud 1