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Logan Ant 4 12-26-18


I keep trying to quite with these ants already, but they just won’t let me! Geez, they keep tumbling out and I dunno, maybe I have to make pictures of the whole ant hill before I’m done?


Gonna just go with it.


Logan Ant 3 12-26-18


This next one is a bit more odd – that makes me happy!


Logan Ant 4 1-4-19



Logan Landscape in Progress 2


So many to finish! Not even sure what to do with the tumbling creek up above – needs a bit more, buuuuut not much!


And then there are these landscapes in various stages of unrest! One thing is certain – I will NEVER have nothing to do!


Logan Landscape in Progress 1


Logan Landscape in Progress 3


Logan Landscape in Progress 10


Logan Landscape in Progress 9



Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 9.15.06 AM


Been neglecting posting and that’s bad!! My excuse is that I’m a bit preoccupied – lots happening in the studio. Am STILL working on ants, but am also back on landscapes too. Here are a few I’ve picked up again – trying to finish ’em.


MUCH MORE show-n-tell coming!


Logan Landscape in Progress 5


Logan Landscape in Progress 6


Logan Landscape in Progress 7


Logan Landscape in Progress 8


instagram notice


I’m aching to move on – never intended to mess with these little bums for so long.



Logan Ant 3 1-19-19


Thought I was kinda struggling in the studio this month, but I guess I’m wrong – when I sorted out the stack, I had 26 more Ants Misbehavin’ to snapshot of this morning!!! And all of ’em done this month – it’s only the 11th!!!


Am in shock.


Logan Ant 2 1-11-19


Logan Ant 1-11-19



Logan Ant 1-8-19


At some point – possibly today – I’ll finish my 150th ant! Geez. I’ve done sooooooo many of ’em that these two (from about 5 weeks ago) feel ancient! 


I’m very fond of the one below – which is more of a symbol that captures the essence of ant, even to missing some legs. It’s a tough living!


Logan Ant 2 1-8-19



Logan Ant 1-7-18


I slammed water and ink down on a clean sheet of paper, transfer-rubbed it onto another and !!!!!! – instant, complete, wonderful picture! I was shocked.


And below, is a very curious one – also powerfully graphic but with some lovely, quiet little things happening too. My studio snapshot does it no justice. I had better get going on a new round of scanning!


Logan Ant 2 1-7-19



Logan Ant 2 1-6-19


Wow, I really like the one above, buuuuuut I also don’t like it, if you know what I mean. Think that means I’ve nailed it!


Below is a much sillier ant – perhaps playing peek-a-boo? Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ve included him as a sort of antidote for the yucks you might have gotten from the top one!


Logan Ant 1-6-19



Logan Ant 1-3-19


So, my sis says I’m not in love with ants so much as the marks I’m making them with. Smart girl! And it looks like I still have more to paint yet, because they’re getting weirder and I like that too!


Logan Ant 2 1-4-19


Logan Ant 1-4-19







As we begin planning another trip to Norway this August, I’m thinking of the fjord where my Sweetie was born. This is a picture I did of it two visits ago – painted on the dining room table in the little cottage where I stayed.


Do you see that little white vertical line at lower left? It’s the glint of the waterfall on the far side of the fjord! Here’s a closer look: