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Sorry for the pause


To launch back into these landscapes, I’m sacrificing a number of unfinished Norwegian mountain pictures. Am tearing, cutting and reassembling them – before working back in. What you see is just the very start of this. I wonder what will happen to these next?


Logan Norway collaged 1 4-26-19


Logan Norway collaged 2 4-26-19


Logan Norway collaged 4 4-26-19


Logan Norway collaged 3 4-26-19


Logan BIG 2-sheet mountain2





Soon, soon, soon – I will be over turtles. Been thinking it is just about time to dust off the printing press and see about starting the next round of Norway pictures. The one above is from my series depicting Nikolai Astrup’s mountain.


Oh man, always so much to do!



LOGAN Turtle 3-27-19


I find myself hip deep in turtles? Yep, really – and I truly don’t know why! It all started when I needed another little break from my Norway paintings, and a bug I was painting (below) went terribly rogue – – – can you see the turtle in there?


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 2.19.23 PM


Since then, I’ve been wading through these silly critters. You know what? They ARE kinda fun to do! Hey, do you want to see a whole lot more of ’em?  YOU CAN, RIGHT HERE! 






Logan Tortoise-turtle 2 3-26-19