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Logan Ant 2 6-19-19


As is so often the case lately, things are super busy – especially so as I continue to prep for a big exhibition this Autumn/Winter!! More info on that will come soon.


Also, ants are still putting on attitudes, sometimes dancing and even occasionally turning into a mountain!


Yep. Didn’t know they could do that but so they can. Actually the last mountain picture (below) started as a moth, so apparently other insects have this super power too!


Logan Ant 1 6-19-19


Logan Ant 1 6-14-19


Logan Ant 2 1-7-19


Logan Ant 4 6-18-19


Logan Ant 2 6-18-19


Logan Ant 3 6-18-19


Logan Ant 1 6-18-19


Logan Mountain 2 6-27-19


Logan Mountain 6-27-19



Logan Ant 4 6-14-19


Wow – time does fly and it’s busy, busy, busy. Thus no word here for far too long. Sorry!


I’m really done with ants now, but have a bunch still to go as show-n-tell. Gotta say – there is some pretty fine mark making in these.


Lots of new stuff is now on the boards. You’ll see soon!


Logan Ant 5 6-14-19


Logan Ant 1 1-7-19


Logan Ant 3 6-14-19


Logan Ant 1 6-10-19



Logan Ant 2 6-4-19


I feel like I’ve drawn every ant in the gang – but it’s easy to concentrate on working my brush when I’m painting such intrinsically graphic little critters. Fair warning – for the sake of art safety: some of these troublemakers have gone rogue! I ‘spect we’ll be seeing even more of that.


Logan Ant 1 6-4-19


Logan Ant 2a 6-6-19


Logan Ant 1a 6-6-19


Logan Ant 3a 6-6-19


Logan Ant 3 6-4-19


Logan Ant 1 6-6-19


Logan Ant 2 6-6-19



Logan Ant 1a 6-3-19


Some are pretty good – and it seems ants can be playful, even a little surreal or elegant!


Logan Ant 2a 6-3-19


Logan Ant 1 6-3-19


Logan Ant 2 6-3-19


Logan Ant 3 6-3-19



Logan Ant 3 6-2-19


But I am wondering if they’re going to overstay their welcome? Still, I keep making ’em – one more I will have reached 200! The last two are especially odd – or maybe wonderful?


Logan Ant 2 6-2-19


Logan Ant 1 6-2-19


Logan Ant 1 5-31-19


Logan Ant 2 5-31-19