A bit more about Mt. Haynes #14 • April 26, 2016

Hey ya –


I’ve been getting questions about what the picture looked like before I started working back into and over it. Here you go:


Mt Haynes 12


The graphic punch of the mountain/background became so strong so quickly that I had no idea how to move into the foreground. About all I did know was that I wanted a lot of white and texture there. Eventually it dawned on me that I needed big trees in front to stand up to the mountain, so I began figuring out how to work back into areas that wouldn’t budge. It required lots of sanding, scraping and grinding – and yes, collaging in fresh paper. I actually added the latter both on front and back, and in some spots intentionally ground or cut through the sheet to expose the new paper behind.


Before the big Yellowstone Park fire of 1988, there were some large Douglas Firs along the Madison River, in front of Mt. Haynes. Their remnants can still be found. So, this scene is my cobbled together memory of how things looked when I first fell in love with the view. I’m glad my journey led me back into those big trees!