Another fork in the road – or is that river? • September 25, 2015

passaic river 3


Good Morning All –


Well, this is has been one long-winded picture. Finally though, the far bank is done! I like the way it turned out. There’s lots to see over there.


My plan was to leave it at that, with the far side highly developed, while the foreground (the unfinished, white area at bottom ) was kept very simple. I was merely going to suggest a mat or ribbons of the duckweed and algae that are always there in summer, and perhaps throw in a real duck or two (they’re also always there). So much for the plan. Now I’ve reached a split decision and must make a choice. I’m beginning to wonder whether this picture needs a more pronounced foreground, still somewhat suggestive, but with bank vegetation to frame and anchor the image.




Yep, I think it does need it. Here are two quick digital roughs I just did. I made them in Photoshop by patching in bits of other drawings. At left is the simple finish, and at right a crude indication of what I’m now leaning towards. Oh dear, this could be glorious, or disastrous – and I’ve already come so far.


This is the last picture for my exhibition. At the finish, I should put my brushes down with a sense of daring and satisfaction, rather than a whimper, don’t you think?


Your Buddy Bill


PS: It’s worthwhile to look at these larger – click READ FULL ARTICLE, immediately below.