Up in the Norwegian Mountains • • October 6, 2017


Hey All –


This is a view of a lake I know well. It’s quite dynamic for a little old thing. Okay, it doesn’t get small ice bergs in it, like another lake not far off, but a wonderful, lonely peak stands right behind it, often with it’s head in the weather. I’ve seen my first snow of the season there, more than once – and in the beginning days of September. Winter comes early to that high country.


So often I’ve thought, “I should do some paintings of this place” And now I have, a whole bunch of them in fact! Keep an eye out for more coming up – and in hi-rez too!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: it’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –



Logan Skjelingavatnet 9 blog

Skjelingvatnet #9 – a high lake and peak, Vik i Sogn, Norway

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″