A Little Change of Pace • • January 29, 2017




I took a little break from painting dragonflies today!


Here are quick snapshots of two new pictures I like. The first one is actually made of two different halves that I put together. I bet that confused you! Remember, all of the paintings I’m currently working on are done on two sheets, taped together. Some time soon, I suspect I’ll start migrating onto even more sheets than that! It’ll be interesting, but I’m still me, so I mess up A LOT of pictures – probably two out of three. Often though, one sheet or the other (in other words, one half of the picture) isn’t bad. So, I’ve been saving ’em and have quite a stack!


Recently, I’ve begun fooling around with pairing up orphans to try to make new pictures. It sure leads to odd juxtapositions, and images I never could have anticipated! Of course, lots of marks and brush strokes don’t carry across the joint between the sheets (how could they?). I have to get pretty inventive (and often quite brutal with the paper) as I try to make two halves become one picture. But what is there to lose? And I’m very good now at patching and reinforcing fragile sheets from behind!