A little feather painting & a little hanging out • April 4, 2015

Hey all!


My Sweetie has been back 3 days and is slowly getting over her jet-lag. Considering she was on the other side of the world and in the southern hemisphere, I think she’s doing great. I mean, compared to here, she was a day ahead and standing on her head for a whole month!


The day after she got back was freakishly wonderful, so much so that we actually set our hammock up and hung out for hours, while remnants of snow still clung to the shadows! There are a few photos at the end of this update, but first, we must catch up on how one of my drawings is coming along.


If you recall, in a questionable moment on Wednesday (and rather than finishing the drawing I needed to), I instead started a new one of the same road-killed owl! Now (yet again), I’m stumped by how to portray the confusion of feather markings on this little guy. I would love to do it minimally, but the whole point of camouflage patterning is to be highly suggestive of anything but the bird it’s hiding. It’s a brilliantly evolved mess, and suggestively painting a mess just looks messy! I’m not sure I’ll manage this.


Here is my drawing, as it looked last Wednesday:




And here it is now:




The bird’s looking suitably ratty, which is appropriate I suppose. I’m still going to fuss with the feathers more. First though, I gotta get a head in there, so our little friend doesn’t look like he’s wearing an old fashioned diving helmet!


And now the real reason for this post – here is my Love just after she climbed into the hammock on Thursday. Lovely sunshine – windy too, but hey, a couple concrete blocks kept the umbrella standing.




Reidun is much better at taking selfies than I am!




And she also has cool toes! When she starts painting those cute little nails, its as sure a sign that spring has arrived as the first two crocuses we saw on our morning walk!




All is well in Loganland. Hope the same is true for you!


Your Buddy Bill



PS: to expand these images and see more detail, click READ FULL ARTICLE, immediately below. That bird does look better bigger!