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Hey All –


My Sweetie has been home 3 days and is still a bit jet-lagged. Considering she was on the far side of the world and in the souther hemisphere, it’s to be expected – I mean she was a day ahead for over a month, and basically standing upside down compared to here!


Happily, the day after she got back was glorious, so nice in fact, that we set up the hammock and were total bums. There are photos following my serious, artsy show & tell, which in truth is only a sort of minor update, since I really just started drawing again today.


If you recall, in my last post I told of how, a brilliant display of pragmatic thinking (and rather than finishing the drawing I needed to), I instead began a second one of the same poor, road-killed, Long-earred owl. Now I’m floundering around again, in the same perplexing mystery of how to portray camouflaged feather markings, in a highly suggestive rather than slavishly detailed fashion. I don’t think I’ll get it, simply because the birds markings are  already a suggestive, confusing mess. That’s the whole point of camouflage, isn’t it?


I do think some good things are happening in this drawing though – see what you think: here is where the drawing stood as of Wednesday:




And here it is this evening: