A More Traditional Bloom • • January 31, 2017


Hey ya –


I’m still incredibly backlogged with new work I must get up on the website. Thus, the my new plan – starting now – is to completely catch up by the end of February. That’s pretty ambitious, but I think I can do it.


Towards that end, here’s a sunflower painted from life in Montana – and finished on my birthday last August. Compared to the flower paintings I’m doing in the studio (and out of my head – see my previous post, for instance), this is really tame. Yet it shares some of the same method and moves as my crazy stuff. Neat to see!


If you want to take a look at others from this same small series, you can by clicking right here .


Your Buddy Bill




Sunflower for Atanas #4, 2016

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 24″ x 18″