A Norwegian Bloom Finished • July 7, 2016



Norwegian Cottage Garden – Blooms #1

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 16″ x 20″



I started this last August, at the same time I began working on my first fjord picture, and finally finished it this week!


It didn’t take much, once I actually picked up my brushes, but it took awhile to figure out exactly how to proceed. I wanted the impression viewers were left with to be that there is much more information and detail in there than there actually is. Did I succeed?


I particularly like the way my bold, ragged marks and delicate, suggestive blooms fit together and compliment one another. It strikes a nice balance.


Hopefully, I’ll post another flower picture tomorrow (if not, then on Friday). Meanwhile, if you would like to see a really good hi-res image of this one (plus a detail view), you can find it here: http://billloganart.com/drawings/recent-additions/10247/