A Norwegian Cottage Garden • September 8, 2015

Good Evening All –


Here we go with our next round of show & tell. This time, it’s several pictures I did of our little cottage flower garden. Small it may be, yet even so, it has a marvelous confusion of textures. My drawings are just about as chaotic – kind of like the bumper car theory of mark making. I had a great time!


These first two were done while I hunkered under a big umbrella, which kept my paper from getting rained on but not me.






Once I moved indoors (you can see my ad-lib studio in my previous post), my method became more calligraphic. The next picture is of the drawing just as it came home from Norway. I actually fooled around with it again today, adding a few more suggested flowers to the bold, black bloom cluster at top right. I believe it’s an improvement but am still not certain.




These final two drawings have me pretty excited. The mark making is potent, and while neither is finished, they can’t be far from it. The last one seems to me to be a picture of leaves and stalks without flowers on top. I’m not sure what the next step is.






I’ll leave you with a closer look at the previous drawing. Those moves are about as good as I get!




Look for the next installment on Thursday!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: To get a really good look at these drawings, click READ FULL ARTICLE, immediately below.