A rather fine painting is finished • June 4, 2015


 To the Left of the Great Falls – A Spring Morning in Paterson, NJ. 

Ink, inked collage, digitally altered/pigment over-transferred working drawings, grey pencil & surface alteration on paper. 18 x 24″ 



Hello All –


Double your time, then double it again: this old axiom usually proves true when I estimate how long a painting will take. This latest one was no exception, but at long last it’s DONE! I like it a lot!


My mother (who was a painter), would sometimes speak of her change of brain when discussing her work and method. What an apt description this is of what must happen as an artist’s approach evolves. It’s normal now for me to brutally scar, scrap and even rip up the top layer of my paper. It gets even worse when I attack in the wet, yet I’m astonished by the degree to which I can alter the character (or even the tone and temperature) of my paper, surface and simple India ink. Much of my technique has descended from how I not so long ago desperately tried to save and yet wrecked drawings. Horridly fatigued paper and ground in, over scrubbed mark making suddenly look good.


Of course, all of this means no picture is really done until I’ve spent an hour or two patching and reinforcing it from the back. Can you spot the actual holes in this new one? Hint: the largest is the size of a pencil eraser – look for the brown spot (actually my backing board peeking through) in the shadowed area to the right of the power plant.


Your Buddy Bill



PS: To give you a real sense of the texture and character of this painting, here is a close up scan of the rock wall and water at the lower right.




And this is a view of the upper left, scanned before I added the fence and other final details.




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