A really good day • • April 7, 2018


Logan Mountain 4-6-18d


Good Morning!


I hope you’re into a pleasurable and satisfying weekend. I’m looking forward to more studio time, where I’ll continue to use my printing press to paint as much as print with. Since I’m working with drawing ink that is as thin as water (which has not been helpful) it’s clear that success must come from turning this drawback into advantage.


So, I’m over doing it applying water and ink too, but strategically, so that I intentionally set up areas of squish and squash. I’ve been switching directions on my press halfway through a pass, doing some frantically quick painting so that the marks I slam down will pick up impressed texture or even double transfer themselves, and anything else I can contrive. I’ve also figured out how to print both sheets of my images at once, even though together they’re twice as big as my press bed! Things are unhinged here!


Although there was a bit of manipulation and good deal of surface alteration after running these through the press, all are still about 95% printed – and from the same plate too! Well, I’m not actually using a printing “plate.” That’s a chat for another time, but for now, isn’t it amazing that as different as these are, they all came from the same basic set up?


More show-n-tell is coming – but not until Tuesday. See you then –


Your Buddy Bill




Logan Mountain 4-6-18b


Logan Mountain 4-6-18c