Outlook Still Stormy! • June 11, 2016


It’s the picture that won’t die!


I thought it had, especially after I accidentally tore a piece out of it’s middle as big as a golf ball. Geez, what an ugly looking mess! I pitched the picture on the floor in the corner and quit for the night.


Yeah, but yesterday morning I picked and propped the poor thing back up again, and took a second look. The next thing I knew, I was fixing the hole and had started beating it up all over again. Every time I attack a picture, I think I can’t possibly abuse the sheet it’s on any more. And then I find ways to take it further. At this point I’m sculpting these pictures as much as painting ’em. They’re beginning to have very rich surfaces, reminiscent of the impasto in an oil painting. Yet I’m only using India ink!


Here’s what my picture looks like right now. I have a ways to go still. Right now it’s quite patchy and disjointed looking, a picture made up of parts, some of which remain ill defined. Boy it sure is stormy, stormy, stormy though! Soon, I will see if I can’t start knitting the whole thing together.




And just for the fun of it, here is what the same picture looked like yesterday morning. It’s hard to believe it could have changed so much!