A Young Artist Named Darrin • January 10, 2016

the gang


Hey there –


Reidun and I took a couple of friends down to see my Paterson exhibition on Saturday.


I was pleased that a number of folks come in to look at the work while we were there, and I was introduced to Darrin Bowker, who made a 2 hour trip from Lumberton, NJ with his family to see the Great Falls and visit the museum. Darrin is 10 years old and is as wide awake and wide-eyed as you can get. Clearly, he has a brain that goes twice as fast as mine ever will. Wow! He has passion, and is fascinated by animation. But do you know what? This fine young fellow is going to discover he can do anything he puts his mind and creativity to. We had our picture taken together and I promised I’d put it on my blog- I don’t know why I seem to be doing my Mt. Rushmore impersonation in this:


bill and Darrin


I can’t believe the show’s almost over. It’s gone by so fast! Here my Sweetie and I are posing at the gallery entrance – in a week we’ll be taking the work back out the door.


my sweetie


Good night friends – I’ll write again and have new drawings to show you in the next day or two –


Your Buddy Bill