Am I Channeling Japanese Brushwork? • October 10, 2016




Hey all –


I’ve been trying to shake loose from some stiffness and hesitation in my brush handling. The best of this sort of work has playfulness and an almost unconcerned simplicity to it. At least that’s what I find attracts me in pictures by other artists who were also admirable ink slingers. And though I don’t particularly like having my work so often compared to Japanese painting, it’s nevertheless a compliment to be considered on the same measuring stick as that inspired tradition, which has carried forth over centuries!


Brush, ink, paper and hand – put ’em together and anyone is going to start making a lot of familiar marks. Today, that was me.


Here’s something really fun:  while I was taking a quick break and steeping a cup of tea, I started looking at this wonderful little picture (see below), which has hung in every workspace I’ve had for more than 20 years. It’s a monotype my Sweetie did, and I love it. So, I decided to let it be my inspiration for the rest of the day!




Here are 4 of my pictures, all taking off from Reidun’s. The truth is, I still like her’s the best, but hey, tomorrow I’ll pick up right where I left off!


Oh, I just realized I should also mention that I’m working on paired sheets these days, with the idea that I may hinge them in the middle, and then bind the best pictures into accordion-style albums!










PLEASE enlarge these to get at least a little better idea of what my pictures really look like (I’m sorry for my poor photos). Click READ FULL ARTICLE immediately below!