Am I lost in the weeds? • October 4, 2015



Good Sunday Afternoon All –


No, I’m not quite lost, but I’m certainly having a time finding my way. The challenge has been (and remains) to give the foreground the detail it needs to fit within the logic of this picture, yet also keep it a bit soft and suggestive. It’s something of a paradox – yes? I can’t allow my weeds to steal attention from that far bank – where I want viewers’ attentions to be drawn.


I think I’m managing it. I’m certainly learning a lot about mixing and overlapping textures. Some of what’s going on here may be pointing towards how my method will continue to evolve. That is pretty exciting!


I still have to finish the left side, and then maybe put in a duck or two? Perhaps 3 more days will see it done; both this picture and my Paterson suite as a whole. Then all I have to do is get ’em in frames!


All forward motion leads into the clear –


Your Buddy Bill



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