An advantage of failures • • January 5, 2018


Hey ya –


Did you know that it’s pretty darned nice to have a big stack of reject pictures? I mean, just take a look at mine (and then keep reading):




Actually, there’s another stack that’s half as tall just out of the photo! I burn through A LOT of paper, and my ratio of winners to losers used to really bug me. Not now!


Let me show you something – below is what was supposed to be a picture of a stormy Norwegian fjord, before it turned muddy and I lost my way. That was last October. Today I began messing with it again. This is what I started with (please excuse my so-so studio photos):


Logan Fjord View 1


You know, there were some pretty interesting things happening in there, but the picture lacked punch – or any focus.


So I decided to dig into my big stack of loser pictures, looking for new textures I could start laying in right over top. Did you know failed flower pictures are gold mine of landscape textures? Huh. Take a look at what happened once I began ripping, sanding, twisting and gluing bits and pieces down.


Logan Fjord View 2


WOW, interesting, right? Suddenly this picture began to get some game back! So I kept going, even ripping holes into it so unexpected bits of marked up scrap paper could peek through from behind! Now, look at the next photo – – –


Logan Fjord View 3


I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this is getting close to being sort of wonderful. It needs fussing yet, which might happen tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll let it rest for a few days and see if I can start resurrecting another picture that has tipped over too far!


Please, PLEASE click the last photo to take a closer look! It’s worth it!