Another one back from the brink! • October 27, 2015

Mt Haynes blog

Mt. Haynes Behind the Madison River #10 – Dirty Weather

Ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



Hey there Everybody –


I’ve saved a drawing I was sure was a goner – by doing so many terrible things to it that it should have just been murdered more! I know, I keep saying this kind of thing over and over, but I’m surprised again and again by what I can get away with. Are the worst things I used to think I could do to overwork a drawing going to turn out to be some of my best method?


This is my tenth picture of one of my favorite mountains. I have three more in various stages of confusion or failure – hey, maybe I can pull them off too. With nothing to lose, there’s plenty of room to plow right in!


There will be more to see in the next few days – keep checking in –


Your Buddy Bill



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