And now I’m alone • March 1, 2015

My Sweetie left in the frigid darkness early this morning for a long business trip to Australia! It’s an adventure into summer for her and I’m thrilled she’ll have it, but It’s just first cup of tea time and I’m already lonely. Geez, how pathetic am I?


I have several weeks to focus completely on art making. I’m going to punch it for all I’m worth, and work on everything but cats!


The day is glum, more snow is coming, and we’ve been frozen and buried for so long the deer are desperate. One genius doe (who will surely survive the winter) has figured out how to raid our bird feeder. No kidding, we saw her do it yesterday; straining to stick her tongue in the feeding holes! She was the only one who could reach, and was obviously back during the night – the feeder’s almost empty and just look at the mess she left under it!


Stay snug everyone –


Your Buddy Bill————————-