And of course I have been PAINTING! • • October 17, 2019


Logan Bloom 1 9-21-19


A lot, lot, lot of gooooood ink slinging has happened since the last time I showed you anything. Been making pictures of blooms and trees and snapping turtles and – – – wait a minute – – – snapping turtles? Yep, and I’m tooling up for a fine, hard Autumn/Winter of major landscape painting.


Oh yes, it’s gonna take awhile to catch up. Here are a few to get us started – – –


Logan Bloom 1 9-20-19


Some of these new paintings of mine have turned into real weeeeirdos. Love it! Check this next one out – – –


Logan Bloom 1 9-24-19


And this is a little closer look – – –


Logan Bloom 1 detail 9-24-19


I particularly love the tree coming up. Keep in mind, all of these photos are just a quick snapshots, so no justice is done to the truth of the subtle grays and textures. I have a terrifying amount of scanning to do.


Logan Tree 2 10-1-19


Sometimes, a picture starts out so well I have to leave it at its beginning. Below is another crooked tree that was my first start at making a picture that I hoped would end up something like the previous one. Do you see what I mean? Glorious silhouetted mark making – walk away!


Logan Tree 1 10-1-19