Not the End I Wanted • October 12, 2016




I guess the pursuit of creativity is exasperating most of the time, right?


After all of my Photoshop fussing with this picture yesterday, trying out alternatives for a clever, fun finish, I decided upon the one that as it turns out, may be too much of a forced fit. Well phooey – it’s hard to tell. The end result is so far from what I had hoped for. Maybe it’s okay. Maybe okay is good enough, but I’m going to try it again, this time with a cat that’s not so fussy and out of character, laid down in swift, suggestive strokes like the rest of the picture.


I really want this little guy to look like the end of a tree branch at first, so it’s only recognized as what it is a few moments later. If I manage it, I’ll check in again later.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: here is a close up of the little miscreant: