And still another Mt. Haynes • October 30, 2015


Yep – me again and twice in one day!


I had no clue that I’d end up doing so many pictures of this old peak! Besides the two I’ve blogged about in the last week or so (scroll down to see previous posts), there are nine others already finished (see them here:


I still have at least two more to complete as well. This one is especially interesting:


Mt Haynes 12


What you can’t see (because the camera couldn’t) is that the entire lower white area is just packed with scraped marks. One horizontal gray-ish brush stroke at the top/center of the white area hints at how all that paper scarring might look when I start dragging other marks over it. With any luck, a grainy-lined, powerfully graphic texture will result – and  it’ll be fantastic.


Hope abounds, but must wait patiently while other chores are taken care of –


Your Buddy Bill



PS: you can enlarge the image by clicking READ FULL ARTICLE – just below.