Another moody Norwegian lake & peak view • • October 16, 2017


This picture is especially interesting, thanks to the extreme texture, which you can see so much better in this hi-resolution image capture.


I dampened an area of the paper across the lower third, then crinkled and wrung it out, just as you would a damp cloth. Geez, that’s brutal, but look at that wonderfully disrupted surface! I made it even more dimensional at the right by grinding and ripping into the sheet with sandpaper while the surface was still sodden with ink.


Logan Skjelingavatnet 5 blog


Here’s a closer view – the brown peeking through the holes is actually the drawing board underneath. I like how this looks a lot, so much so in fact that I’ve simulated how this painting will appear when it’s actually mounted on a nice, brown support sheet.


Logan Skjelingavatnet 5 detail blog