Another Mountain Conquered! • January 18, 2016



Mt. Haynes #13 – Summer Storm Clouds, Late Afternoon.

Ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



Hey All –


I’ve finished my 13th Mt. Haynes painting!


Click here for a hi-res view & 3 details:


Wow, this was a journey, but I’m astonished at how far I took this one. Below is a view of where it had stalled for months before I picked it up again a few weeks ago:




Previously, this picture was governed by the exuberance of it’s brushwork – which was very fluid and aggressive. The completed scene still retains a healthy dose of that character, but it now lies wrapped within a far more complex interplay of textures, detail (both real and implied), light, atmosphere and most of all, what I think (or at least hope) is an almost palpable sense drama and moment.


Can you tell I’m pretty jazzed by how my picture making is going these days?


As a treat, I also thought you might get a kick out of seeing how badly beat up this one is. Below is a photo of the back, while my picture was on the light box yesterday morning. It looks more like a battlefield than a piece of artwork! All of the white areas are where I cut, scrapped into and even peeled away parts of the painting’s surface, all so brutally that I almost went through the sheet. You can also see where I pecked through from the back with a push pin to make a grainy surface texture within the bright areas on the mountain side. Wow – I’ll have to reinforce the weak spots, otherwise the whole picture might just fall apart!


Oh, and the dark shapes are where pieces of paper with inky textures and whatnot were carefully sanded and collaged into my image. I’m doing that more and more. It’s a fabulous way to create complex patterns that can’t be planned but instead must be sorted out in response to how a picture is developing.




Have a fine evening – I’ll write again soon,


Your Buddy Bill


PS: don’t forget that every day there will be at least one new cat drawing posted on this blog. Keep an eye out!