Another Picture – Same Lake and Peak • • September 14, 2017


Norway Warm Up 3

Okay so yes, if yesterday I could do no wrong, today provided counterbalance. Oh my oh my, what a difficult time I had, with nothing to show for it at the end. Just another day in the trenches then, but still I learned a thing or two. That counts!


The picture above still has a good ways to go, but it’s promising so far. It was begun right after the one I showed you yesterday (that one still needs work too – scroll down to see it).


Gray is HARD to handle. It has no obvious punch. It goes muddy so easily, or never makes it past lackluster, yet if I can figure out how to use it well, my pictures might have surprising potency. And they would be honest. Norway, up in the mountains in the storms and mist, is almost a black & white & gray, gray world. But it’s still dramatic!


The key to success may be in making tiny moves that somehow still read. I think it has to do with how acutely we see even small interruptions in what we’re looking at. I’m going to have to sort this out, and learn how to stack and mix textures and subtle tonal shifts. It will require sensitivity, and I’m more of a sledgehammer kind of guy. Oh, and I also need to better understand and take into account how to fine tune a picture for a specific viewing distance.


This is all tough stuff – I’ll be working on it awhile!


Tomorrow I’ll get back at it –


Your Buddy Bill