At Last, Mt. Haynes #14 is DONE! • April 25, 2016


Mt. Haynes #14 – Memory of Big Trees

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



I’ve finished my 14th – and final – Mt. Haynes picture!


This one has been a long slog, extending for well over a year, during which I stalled several times when I became confused about where I was going, or didn’t know how to get there.


I’m beginning to realize I do two kinds of pictures. The first are quick dashes that succeed or quickly get pitched (think lots and lots of cat drawings, for example). They’re my exercise, as I try new method and keep cultivating a more facile command of mark making. It’ll never end.


And then there are my big, involoved pictures (like this one). Sure, they’re scenes I have great affection for and want to paint, but they’re also records of how well I adapt as my ideas evolve and ability is tested. In this picture, I completely changed directions, deciding when it should have been too late that I wanted to add big, ghost-like trees in the foreground. How can you do that in permanent ink, when it requires working from dark to light? The answer is lots and lots of very careful sanding, and even grinding, as well as a few sneaky tricks. I’ll have to tell you about some of them soon. It’s astonishing how much damage I can inflict and get away with upon paper. I think I’m sculpting now!


And speaking of working in 3D, check out all of the blind texture and character I’ve managed in my white areas! Wow! This is the first time, I’ve really, really tackled white – and I’m thrilled with the result. I can’t wait to push even further.


I hope you like this new picture as much as I do. I’ve added a hi-res image of it (and 3 detail views) in my DRAWINGS section. Here’s a link:


Your Buddy Bill


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