Back home – to COOL toes! • May 28, 2015




Hey All –


Almost the first thing I saw when I got back home from my trip late Tuesday night was my beautiful bride’s newly painted toes! Well okay, it wasn’t really the very first thing I saw. Reidun heard me backing in our upper driveway and dashed out of the house. She’d been waiting up for me, reading in bed, and there in my rear view mirror she stood, um, shall we say, spectacularly au naturel? I’m a lucky boy.


Reidun’s pal, Grace, painted her toes. She is just home from a triumphant first year of college, but she and Reidun having been painting toes since Grace was a peewee. They have quite the kit now and Grace is a wonder. She is the happiest, goofiest, quickest witted, most perfect Grace there is, and sooooo lives up to her name.


In a few minutes I’m going to open my ink pots and get to it again! Am hoping I’ll make good moves and quickly. I’ll keep posting as I progress, so check back in once or twice a week!


Summertime living is here!


Your Buddy Bill


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