Back to real work & a first fjord picture • September 13, 2015

Good Sunday morning to you all –


In a few minutes I’ll get started on finishing my last Paterson Picture. Here is a quick point-n-shoot of it as it is right now, plus a close up:






My goal with this view of the Passaic River has been to capture it’s honest poetry. The first time I saw it was on a sunny, late afternoon in summer. Everything looks a bit enchanted in such deep shadow, under buttery, slanting light. But that poetry is lent to a scene. To find it at high noon is all together different. Everything is ugly then. Harsh light pounds down.


The Great Falls is just a few hundred yards down river, and people go see it. They don’t stand beside the Spruce Street bridge and look at this. I’m not sure why I did, or why I felt compelled to keep going back until I found beauty. I was surprised by it’s character; lyricism, but with scars. Nothing is pristine, and this is a picture of the time of day when only mad dogs and ink slingers are out in the heat and sweat.


And now, a long, long way (both in feel and distance) from Paterson, NJ is another picture I did a few weeks ago in Norway. This is a view of the Sognefjord, as it appears from the water’s edge in the little down of Vik.




I’m very pleased with this – especially the deep layering of texture and sparkle. Western Norway can be almost unfathomably dramatic and moody. I plan to do many more pictures of the Sognefjord this winter.


Oh, I should also tip you off to something you might not understand in this view; though it’s a common sight in the fjords. Look at lower left, just above the water line, and you’ll see an emorphous, vertical white bar. That’s a waterfall across the fjord, dropping down the mountainside! You can see them a surprisingly long way off.


Here is a detail view for you, and then a few of the gazillion reference photos I shot, trying to capture every nuance of clouds, sunlight and each day’s passing.






That’s it for now! Believe it or not, I still have plenty of show & tell to go. Will try to add more next Friday or Saturday.


Until then, I remain your Buddy Bill –



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