Back to the beginning • June 10, 2015


Hey all –


We haven’t seen this picture (which stalled when half finished) in almost a year! It was the first of my Paterson, NJ drawings – and is of the most iconic building downtown, the old power plant beside the Great Falls.


With this new series, I had intended to push the fluidity and expressiveness of my rendering. I also wanted to explore new (and very complex) texture making much more thoroughly. What I didn’t want was to fall back on my natural affinity for rendering hyper-detail. It’s not easy to ignore second nature, but I think it has been worthwhile. I’m becoming a more broadly powerful artist.


That said, I still have what in truth is a pretty wonderful drawing that should be finished. So to heck with the brave new me! I can now see that in this picture at least, the old me was doing just fine. I’ll embrace the detail, accepting that fussy, fussy days lie ahead.


When last we looked, the picture had come this far:




After a few more days spent using leeeeeetle brushes, here it is now:




I wish I could give you a high definition view, but a blog format won’t really work for that. I’ll try to post some good detail shots in the next day or two, so you can get a better sense of what this thing really looks like.


Meanwhile, my plan is to try very hard to finish everything except the windows by Sunday. They’re going to be the most difficult and important part. So far, this picture is like a lovely portrait of someone dear, who is missing eyes. I’m scared of those windows! If I manage to do them well though, my drawing will suddenly have leapt to an entirely new level. It won’t be the most exuberant thing I’ve done, but it will be very beautiful.


Until then, think of me noodling along, trying to capture the essence of other really important aspects – like electrical conduit and cornices!


Your Buddy Bill



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