Back to work! • March 12, 2019




Good Morning – – –


I’m back at it after a week spent writing my first ever grant proposal. Yuck, but necessary so I can keep doing what I love doing.


As a sort of re-entry into my work rhythm, I’m fooling with some picture that are awfully ragged. I think I may like these two, especially the black one, although right now they’re held together by tape, dried ink and luck. What am I going to do about all of the holes in the gray one? They’re kinda cool, and maybe kinda not? Hmmmm.


I’ll my hands full trying to get these figured out, stabilized and glued back together! It sure is fun just to fool around a bit. By the end of the week though, I’ll really be back it the swing of things – ink will be flying!


Have the finest day –


Your Buddy Bill