Be the Storm • June 9, 2016


I’m beginning to think the defining visual element in a picture of a Norwegian fjord isn’t the steep slopes plunging into the sea, or the sea itself either, but instead the weather.


This week I’ve been working on different versions of the same scene, which I deliberately choose for its static, rather lackluster composition. Just a little of the end of a headland is visible. Other than that, it’s one big expanse of sky and water.


So, I have lots  of room for the drama of weather. I am the storm, it seems, but it’s really hard to be the storm! I’m trying, by pushing and scrubbing ink around with anything I can grab; scraps of plastic, torn paper, crumpled aluminum foil, a flexible plastic cutting board, sand paper and, of course, brushes or my hands.


Below is one I’ve just started and really like so far. How do I handle the water though?


Have a fine day –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: if you scroll down through previous posts, you’ll see two more versions of this same view.