Big ideas + big effort = kinda tough • January 24, 2020


Logan Big Sheet Dragon 1 1-2-20


Okay, I’m working much larger now than previously – on three sheets, which together are 4 feet wide. I started out thinking I might paint dragons. Not sure why – just had the urge. The picture above was my first try and wow, so cool, right out the box! I was THRILLED – – – but then, my next efforts began falling apart one after the other. In fact, there are lotsa failures happening. Oh and also, my dragons quickly started morphing into scary, deep sea fishes too?!?


Curious times here – gonna be uncomfortable reaching upwards for awhile!


Logan dragon fish 3 1-20-20


Logan Dragonfish 2 1-21-20


Logan Dragonfish 1 1-21-20


Logan Dragon 1-20-20


Logan Fish 1-24-20 insta