A looming Norwegian peak – done there • • September 19, 2017




Good Morning All –


I’m back in the studio after having a wonderful weekend in which I made one big mistake!


My exhibition reception was on Saturday and so many folks came! I got so excited and chatty that I forgot about the camera in my pocket. You know what that means – no photos, but I’ve put out a plea to everyone to send along any they took. Then, I’ll post them.


Meanwhile, MY photo this morning is a working shot of a painting I made in Norway. It’s a great big peak that looms over a gorgeous Norwegian glacial valley. I spent two days there, painting and fishing the little creek that runs down to the fjord in the evenings. A wonderful, perfect time. My take home are a trio of paintings that I’ll show you this week.


Is this mountain of mine done? I don’t know. I think maybe it’s close.


More to come –


Your Buddy Bill