Blooming Big and Bold • May 25, 2016



Flowering #20

India ink and surface alteration on paper. Two sheets = 24″ x 36″



Hey All –


This is the largest drawing I’ve done in quite awhile. I’m especially excited that it has wandered onto two sheets! This completely changes how we look at the image: we see it first as a complete picture and then immediately look at each half separately. I must think about how to really take advantage of this. I know I’ll do other multiple panel pictures, and have a hunch they may migrate onto even more sheets!


If you wish to see a really good high-resolution image of this new picture (and three detail views as well), click here:


I’ve also finished quite a few large, single panel flower pictures that are lots of fun. Over the next week, I’ll be adding them a few at a time to the RECENT ADDITIONS section. Keep a casual eye out and you won’t be disappointed:


Bye for now –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: you can make the picture larger by clicking READ FULL ARTICLE immediately below: