BONUS CATS • • Four on the Prowl • January 23, 2016

Hey ya =


A big old storm going on out there, but we’re snug as bugs here.


It’s a WONDERFUL day to hibernate in my studio, and as it happens, I’m working on a winter scene. It’s looking to be a pretty darned perfect day.


Here are four cats from a few weeks ago – all obviously versions of each other. They’re a particularly good example of how I so often do variations while searching for a the moves that will give me the drawing I’m reaching for. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes not, and just as often, I end up not quite where I thought I might!


I think the two in the bigger pictures are best but can’t decide which I like more. The smaller ones are the first two I did – they have some lovely loose moments too.


Happy weekend all –


Your Buddy Bill








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