Bowing to the inevitable • • January 27, 2020


Logan fish 5


Sooner or later it was bound to happen. I’ve been using my hands to further manipulate and add texture to my mark making for quite awhile. Why not use other body parts, like maybe  – – – my face? Yep, I did that. The photo above was taken right after the attempt!


Here let me take you through it: below is me and the picture I did my face off with. And yes, I can look like a fish if I want to!


Logan fish 1


Here is a better snapshot of the painting – – –


Logan fish 6


A closer look at the fish’s head – can you see mine in there too?


Logan fish 3


Here’s a little more help – to the left of where my ear imprinted is a really textured area that my beard made. Above that is a bit of indistinct cheekbone and left temple!


Logan fish 2