Breath, just breath •  • January 9, 2018


Logan Flowering 169


Good Morning –


It seems like all sorts of little things – or concerning things – are stacking up in my life just now  – – – and I’ve let them become excuses for winding myself up and avoiding my headlong crash into big creative challenges. I sometimes forget that the rhythm of living is full of things you have to deal with – BUT it’s nothing more than life being lived. And it’s the business of living, not why I live – which other than taking care of those I love is to create – – – to create my ass off as ferociously as I can.


This morning I remembered this.


Now I’m going to do it. AND I’m also inhaling because it feels wonderful to breath, and know I am as I was meant to be.


Today’s bloom is a quiet one to breath deep with –


Your Buddy Bill