Breathing easily again • February 12, 2015

I’ve been pushing hard, though not on the big, important work I must attend to. My plan for breaking out of the weird creative doldrum I’ve found myself in was to just get at some simple, gleeful, who gives a sh-t drawing. My go-to for this is CATS – they’re almost like cartooning for me. I do them rapidly, over and over, until I get the marks/moves and moment I’m looking for. Think of it as volume drawing, lots and lots of it with maybe a 30% keeper rate. I cut each regular sheet of paper into 3 smaller sheets, so I can burn through a lot and not care.


I’m beginning to feel aired out again, as if I can breath, sling ink and feel right. Tomorrow or this weekend, I’ll settle back into the Paterson Project. One complicated drawing will be abandoned, despite its beautiful moments. I’ll start over, stay loose and try to make the new attempt roll out as easily as my feLINES. Perhaps some of the good parts of that first drawing will end up collaged into the new one too. I’ll keep you updated


Your Buddy Bill ————————–


Here are a few of the 20 or so cats I’ve done this week. I haven’t flattened these drawings yet, so there are some wrinkles, which I know you’ll excuse!




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