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Logan hook trout


Hey ya –


Had to take a little working break to write and photograph an article for a fishing magazine. Paychecks are nice.


I can’t show you what I did until it’s published. Here are photos I’ve done for past articles – enjoy!


Logan Ant Missbehavin


Logan Gift Flies


LOGAN Caddis Flies


Logan Article Opener


Logan Early Flies


Logan Fly Tying still life


Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 10.01.49 PM


Logan flies



Logan Ant 10-24-19


This morning you get an ant that looks like it might be fire breathing and two snapping turtles, one of which could be more of a dragon. And then there are strange blooms too! All I can say about this is mark making so often has it’s own reasons, and the pictures that result are kinda incidental!


Logan Turtle 1 10-24-19


Logan Turtle 2 10-24-19


Logan Bloom 2 10-25-19


Logan Bloom 10-25-19


Logan Bloom 3 10-25-19



Logan Ant 2 9-6-19


Had fun with these strange little ants misbehaving!


Logan Ant 9-6-19



Logan Ant 2 7-21-19


How strange – work done just months ago already seems so old. I guess that’s what happens when I move this fast!


Logan Turtle 3 7-21-19


Logan Ant 1 7-21-19



Logan Butterfly 2 7-12-19


Hope you’ll pardon the quick studio snapshots – I’m on a roll and it’s better to have a brush in my hand than a camera! Some of these still need a little fussing and several more are on the boards this morning, So – keep an eye out – much more is coming!



Logan Butterfly 7-12-19


Logan Butterfly 5 7-12-19


Logan Butterfly 1 7-12-19


Logan Butterfly 3 7-12-19


Logan Butterfly 2a 7-12-19


Logan Butterfly 4 7-12-19




Logan Ant 7-11-19


Weird ants are still hanging around. Every time I think I’m about done with ’em, I’m wrong!


Logan Ant 2 7-11-19


Logan Ant 4 7-11-19


Logan Ant 3 7-11-19



LOGAN MOTH 7-10-19


I especially like this first one – really, really nice marks!


Logan Butterfly 1 7-9-19


Logan Butterfly 3 7-9-19


Logan Butterfly 2 7-9-19



Logan Moth 1 7-4-19


Am having some fun these days – and there’s muuuuuuch more to come!


Logan Butterfly 3 7-6-19


Logan Butterfly 2 7-6-19


Logan Butterfly 1 7-6-19


Logan Butterfly 7-4-19


Logan Moth 2 7-4-19


Logan Ant 2 6-14-19


Logan Ant 2 6-10-19


Logan Ant 2 7-2-19


Logan Ant 1 7-2-19



Logan Butterfly 7-4-19


Moth and butterfly wings have captured my attention – or more specifically, the gazillion ways I might paint them have!


I keep thinking I should do more with picture composition. Or perhaps it bugs me (pun alert!) that each time I do one of these, it ends up on the paper in the same basic pose and shape anybody drawing a b-fly would use? Huh. Is that maybe the point? Maybe the simple pose IS the graphic for these little flappers – and it comes down then to what you do next with it?


Logan Moth 2 6-28-19


Logan Moth 3 6-28-19


Logan Moth 1 6-28-19


Moth antennae are kinda cool too!


Logan Moth 2 7-4-19


Logan Moth 1 7-4-19



Logan Ant 2 6-19-19


As is so often the case lately, things are super busy – especially so as I continue to prep for a big exhibition this Autumn/Winter!! More info on that will come soon.


Also, ants are still putting on attitudes, sometimes dancing and even occasionally turning into a mountain!


Yep. Didn’t know they could do that but so they can. Actually the last mountain picture (below) started as a moth, so apparently other insects have this super power too!


Logan Ant 1 6-19-19


Logan Ant 1 6-14-19


Logan Ant 2 1-7-19


Logan Ant 4 6-18-19


Logan Ant 2 6-18-19


Logan Ant 3 6-18-19


Logan Ant 1 6-18-19


Logan Mountain 2 6-27-19


Logan Mountain 6-27-19



Logan Ant 4 6-14-19


Wow – time does fly and it’s busy, busy, busy. Thus no word here for far too long. Sorry!


I’m really done with ants now, but have a bunch still to go as show-n-tell. Gotta say – there is some pretty fine mark making in these.


Lots of new stuff is now on the boards. You’ll see soon!


Logan Ant 5 6-14-19


Logan Ant 1 1-7-19


Logan Ant 3 6-14-19


Logan Ant 1 6-10-19



Logan Ant 2 6-4-19


I feel like I’ve drawn every ant in the gang – but it’s easy to concentrate on working my brush when I’m painting such intrinsically graphic little critters. Fair warning – for the sake of art safety: some of these troublemakers have gone rogue! I ‘spect we’ll be seeing even more of that.


Logan Ant 1 6-4-19


Logan Ant 2a 6-6-19


Logan Ant 1a 6-6-19


Logan Ant 3a 6-6-19


Logan Ant 3 6-4-19


Logan Ant 1 6-6-19


Logan Ant 2 6-6-19





I showed you a quick snapshot of this a little while back, but here’s a really good scan at last. Finally, justice is done to the wonderful mark making that’s careening around in there, almost (but not quite) lost in space.


This is a BIG one too – 36″ wide. He, he, he – just wait until you see what’s coming this spring!


Here are closer looks:







Logan Bugged 2 moth BLOG


Just a couple of kinda cool bugs – a moth and a dragonfly. Happy weekend!


Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.07.11 AM



Logan Ant 3 1-19-19


Thought I was kinda struggling in the studio this month, but I guess I’m wrong – when I sorted out the stack, I had 26 more Ants Misbehavin’ to snapshot of this morning!!! And all of ’em done this month – it’s only the 11th!!!


Am in shock.


Logan Ant 2 1-11-19


Logan Ant 1-11-19



Logan Ant 1-8-19


At some point – possibly today – I’ll finish my 150th ant! Geez. I’ve done sooooooo many of ’em that these two (from about 5 weeks ago) feel ancient! 


I’m very fond of the one below – which is more of a symbol that captures the essence of ant, even to missing some legs. It’s a tough living!


Logan Ant 2 1-8-19



Logan Ant 1-7-18


I slammed water and ink down on a clean sheet of paper, transfer-rubbed it onto another and !!!!!! – instant, complete, wonderful picture! I was shocked.


And below, is a very curious one – also powerfully graphic but with some lovely, quiet little things happening too. My studio snapshot does it no justice. I had better get going on a new round of scanning!


Logan Ant 2 1-7-19



Logan Ant 2 1-6-19


Wow, I really like the one above, buuuuuut I also don’t like it, if you know what I mean. Think that means I’ve nailed it!


Below is a much sillier ant – perhaps playing peek-a-boo? Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ve included him as a sort of antidote for the yucks you might have gotten from the top one!


Logan Ant 1-6-19



Logan Ant 1-3-19


So, my sis says I’m not in love with ants so much as the marks I’m making them with. Smart girl! And it looks like I still have more to paint yet, because they’re getting weirder and I like that too!


Logan Ant 2 1-4-19


Logan Ant 1-4-19



Logan Dragonfly 1 10-31-18


– – – Quick snapshots of pictures underway – – – two dragonflies that look sorta fossil-like and artifacty, a Norwegian Mountain that must be finished – AND another monster ant. But I think I’ll turn my back on Mr. Monster today; he’s giving me ‘tude, trying to make me take his legs all the way to the floor. Not set up for that. Well, poop.


Logan Dragonfly 2 10-31-18


Logan Norway Mountain Sea 10-31-18


Logan Big Ant 10-31-18