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Logan Ink Splattered Mug


When I call what I do ink slinging, I sometimes mean just that!



Logan Wave 2 12-3-19


I am HAVING SO MUCH FUN with these BIG wave pictures! Had forgotten how thrilling in-your-face, BIG BLACK mark making is.


Logan Wave 2 12-3-19


Logan Wave 12-3-19





For a very long while, I’ve had a reproduction of Hokusai’s THE GREAT WAVE OFF KANAGAWA hanging in my studio (on my inspiration wall). That’s it above, and it truly deserves to be the iconic image it has become.


Is it any wonder that I would eventually begin doing wave paintings of my own, in a sort of visual chat with Hokusai? They started strange – and have kept tilting further since! Below are a few of the first ones – I’ll show you more as soon as I take snapshots – – –


Logan Wave 3 insta


Logan Wave 1


Logan Wave 2


Logan Wave 4



Logan Studio 1


It’s time to sweep out the dusty corners of my year’s creative effort!


That means two things: I must attack the big stack of half finished or stalled pictures that has been piling up since last Spring. I either have to finish them or let go! While I’m at it, I also need to wear out this fixation I’ve had with big, showy blooms lately. The only way to do it is to paint a whole bunch at once and keep going until I’m sick and tired of ’em. Then I can move on!


Logan Studio 5


Logan Studio 4


This is the pile of incomplete work I mentioned  – – –


Logan picture stack


And here are some of the wonderful, odd pictures in it – they so deserve further effort!






Logan Tortoise


Logan Bloom 2 11-26-19


LOGAN ANT 11-26-19



Logan Bloom 1 11-21-11


Here are quick snapshots of some of yesterday’s effort. I still think of these as pictures of blooms, but are they really? Or have my starting notions just become the jump off point for where my mark making takes me next? Lots to ponder, and I’m not enough of a thinker!


Logan Bloom 3 11-21-11


Logan Bloom 2 11-21-11 insta


Logan Bloom 4 11-21-11


Logan Bloom 5 11-21-11



Logan detritus


Sometimes I worry that the scrap that builds up beside my ink slinging is more interesting than the pictures I paint. I hope not! Yet I keep an eye on things because happenstance sometimes throws me little gifts.


In this next photo, you see a scrap of paper on which I was merely testing ink consistency. It was only a few days later that I realized that by pure chance, it was almost a flower picture all on it’s own. So I did a bunch of paintings in response!


Logan chance bloom


Logan bloom 5 11-20-19


Logan bloom 6 11-20-19


Logan bloom 3 11-20-19


Logan bloom 4 11-20-19


I particularly like the crumbly, deteriorating moves in the next two – layer after layer of ground in, scrubbed out, replenished and overpainted mark making. Such a paradox, trying to pair spontaneity with intentional overworking. Sheesh . . .


Logan bloom 2 11-20-19


Logan bloom 1 11-20-19



Logan Bloom 11-17-19


I’m back at it hard and weeeeeird pictures are tumbling off of my brush. Loving it! Apparently, I’m still stuck on snapping turtles and BIG, splashy blooms. Must wear out these compulsions so I can move on.


What a terrible fate, huh? So sad that I must keep painting things I have such fun with.


Logan bloom 2 11-17-19


Logan Snapping Turtle 2 insta


Logan Snapping Turtle 1



Logan hook trout


Hey ya –


Had to take a little working break to write and photograph an article for a fishing magazine. Paychecks are nice.


I can’t show you what I did until it’s published. Here are photos I’ve done for past articles – enjoy!


Logan Ant Missbehavin


Logan Gift Flies


LOGAN Caddis Flies


Logan Article Opener


Logan Early Flies


Logan Fly Tying still life


Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 10.01.49 PM


Logan flies



Logan Turtle 2 11-3-19


If I’m gonna tell it true, the only way to really paint snapping turtles is to go wild with them!


Logan snap turtle 2 10-31-19 insta


Logan Turtle 1 11-3-19


Logan snap turtle 1 10-31-19



Logan Tree 1 10-17-19


Not sure why I keep painting crooked tree trunks and scrubby foliage – just seems to be the thing I need to do. More and more, I am wondering if what I’m supposedly painting pictures of doesn’t matter as much as the marks I’m making. Hmmmm. . .


Logan Tree 10-20-19


Logan Tree 2 10-17-19





Logan Bloom 1 9-23-19


Let’s look at blooms on this drizzly, gray morning! You know, I might be in trouble: it’s only the end of October – Spring  and Summer are a looooooong ways off. Gonna miss ’em until they return!


Logan Bloom 1 9-28-19


Logan Bloom 1 9-17-19


Logan bloom 1 9-18-19



Logan Ant 10-24-19


This morning you get an ant that looks like it might be fire breathing and two snapping turtles, one of which could be more of a dragon. And then there are strange blooms too! All I can say about this is mark making so often has it’s own reasons, and the pictures that result are kinda incidental!


Logan Turtle 1 10-24-19


Logan Turtle 2 10-24-19


Logan Bloom 2 10-25-19


Logan Bloom 10-25-19


Logan Bloom 3 10-25-19



Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 5.50.36 PM


Good Morning!


Here’s a quick picture done while I was chatting with a friend on the phone yesterday.While there is truly lovely, quiet veining and grainy detailing in the wing, I may like the close up “trimmed” version better (above).


I actually printed the wings! My printing “plate” was a sheet of paper on which I used a scratchboard tool to scrap the veins. Then I quickly spritzed water onto the sheet and rapidly painted right into the wet over my scraping. While the surface was still saturated, I laid a new, dry sheet on top, briefly rubbed the back of it and peeled it off – thus transferring an imperfect but REALLY interesting image of wings!


Logan Moth whole



Logan flower 1 10-10-19 instagam


Here’s a small grab bag of pictures I’ve done in the last little while – many more to show you still!


Have an enjoyable Sunday –


Your Buddy Bill


Logan Turtle 2 10-12-19


Logan Turtle 4 10-17-19



Logan Ant 2 9-6-19


Had fun with these strange little ants misbehaving!


Logan Ant 9-6-19



Logan Bloom 1 9-21-19


A lot, lot, lot of gooooood ink slinging has happened since the last time I showed you anything. Been making pictures of blooms and trees and snapping turtles and – – – wait a minute – – – snapping turtles? Yep, and I’m tooling up for a fine, hard Autumn/Winter of major landscape painting.


Oh yes, it’s gonna take awhile to catch up. Here are a few to get us started – – –


Logan Bloom 1 9-20-19


Some of these new paintings of mine have turned into real weeeeirdos. Love it! Check this next one out – – –


Logan Bloom 1 9-24-19


And this is a little closer look – – –


Logan Bloom 1 detail 9-24-19


I particularly love the tree coming up. Keep in mind, all of these photos are just a quick snapshots, so no justice is done to the truth of the subtle grays and textures. I have a terrifying amount of scanning to do.


Logan Tree 2 10-1-19


Sometimes, a picture starts out so well I have to leave it at its beginning. Below is another crooked tree that was my first start at making a picture that I hoped would end up something like the previous one. Do you see what I mean? Glorious silhouetted mark making – walk away!


Logan Tree 1 10-1-19



It’s time to run away for a bit. Gonna do a little fishing and exploring! Gonna hang with friends too, recharge and just enjoy the summertime before starting my big Autumn push.


I’ll begin posting again in September! Hope you have the finest summer too!


Gone-Fishing copy



Logan Tree 3 7-28-19


I love it when trees take over my brain! They always seem to do it when my painting ability jumps up a notch. Interesting, huh?


Logan Tree 5 7-28-19


Logan Tree 2 7-28-19


Logan Trees 2 7-30-19


Logan Trees 3 7-30-19


Logan Tree 4 7-28-19


Logan Trees 1 7-30-19


Logan Tree 1 7-28-19



Logan Bloom 1 7-25-19


Well hello!


I’m still doing exaggerated, abstracted blooms, although an occasional single leaf also happens. And now, trees and blooming branches are popping up again too – but that’s show-n-tell for my next post!


Logan Bloom 3 9-25-19


Logan Bloom 2 7-26-19


Logan bloom 1 7-26-19


Logan Bloom 5 9-25-19


Logan Bloom 4 9-25-19


Logan Blooms 2 7-25-19



Logan Ant 2 7-21-19


How strange – work done just months ago already seems so old. I guess that’s what happens when I move this fast!


Logan Turtle 3 7-21-19


Logan Ant 1 7-21-19