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Logan Fish 2 2-6-20


Although in truth, fish like these would keep me outta the ocean – or at least from going in past my knees!


Also, the unfinished fish are stacking up. Turns out I’m afraid of fins. Gonna have to face my phobia and get ’em done. Maybe today?


Here are close ups of the scary dude above:


Logan Fish 2 2-6-20 detail 2


Logan Fish 2 2-6-20 detail 1


Kinda wild – and kinda finished!


Logan Fish 2-9-20


That big swipe that made the gill plate was done with a dry brush dragged through ink already down on the sheet. Could have been a disaster. Such things often are. But this time – WOW! It’s the whole reason I continually opt for risky moves!


Logan Fish detail 1


Had bigger plans for this one, but got this far and said, “Nope – done!”


Logan Fish 1 2-8-20


Does he desperately need fins or is he just decomposing, in which case he’s also done?


Logan fish 2 2-8-20


Finally, two from yesterday’s effort – still need their teeth – – –


Logan Fish 1 2-11-20


Logan Fish 1 2-11-20



Logan fish 5


Sooner or later it was bound to happen. I’ve been using my hands to further manipulate and add texture to my mark making for quite awhile. Why not use other body parts, like maybe  – – – my face? Yep, I did that. The photo above was taken right after the attempt!


Here let me take you through it: below is me and the picture I did my face off with. And yes, I can look like a fish if I want to!


Logan fish 1


Here is a better snapshot of the painting – – –


Logan fish 6


A closer look at the fish’s head – can you see mine in there too?


Logan fish 3


Here’s a little more help – to the left of where my ear imprinted is a really textured area that my beard made. Above that is a bit of indistinct cheekbone and left temple!


Logan fish 2



Logan detritus


Sometimes I worry that the scrap that builds up beside my ink slinging is more interesting than the pictures I paint. I hope not! Yet I keep an eye on things because happenstance sometimes throws me little gifts.


In this next photo, you see a scrap of paper on which I was merely testing ink consistency. It was only a few days later that I realized that by pure chance, it was almost a flower picture all on it’s own. So I did a bunch of paintings in response!


Logan chance bloom


Logan bloom 5 11-20-19


Logan bloom 6 11-20-19


Logan bloom 3 11-20-19


Logan bloom 4 11-20-19


I particularly like the crumbly, deteriorating moves in the next two – layer after layer of ground in, scrubbed out, replenished and overpainted mark making. Such a paradox, trying to pair spontaneity with intentional overworking. Sheesh . . .


Logan bloom 2 11-20-19


Logan bloom 1 11-20-19



Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 5.50.36 PM


Good Morning!


Here’s a quick picture done while I was chatting with a friend on the phone yesterday.While there is truly lovely, quiet veining and grainy detailing in the wing, I may like the close up “trimmed” version better (above).


I actually printed the wings! My printing “plate” was a sheet of paper on which I used a scratchboard tool to scrap the veins. Then I quickly spritzed water onto the sheet and rapidly painted right into the wet over my scraping. While the surface was still saturated, I laid a new, dry sheet on top, briefly rubbed the back of it and peeled it off – thus transferring an imperfect but REALLY interesting image of wings!


Logan Moth whole



Logan Ant 2 12-7-18


These two are from my Wednesday session – which was a pretty nutso round! The one above led to the one below – and get this: I’m just using India ink right from the bottle. But between all the washing, pressing and messing, I’m getting incredible tone, temperature and texture shifts! I’m not exactly sure how some of it even happened, but I wanna get back there today. Let’s see if I can!




Logan Ant 1 12-7-18



Logan Ant 10-26-18


Just took my new studio set up for a BIG picture test drive today – IT WORKED!


Did this weirdo ant – but does it maybe have a little bit of a cow skull for a head? Hey, this is HUGE for ink – over 3′ x 5′! Oh man, the logistics and physical effort required have certainly scaled up too. Fun challenge though. I’m oddly thrilled with this picture.


HEY WAIT – I never told you about my major studio re-fit! Wow, okay, we need to chat  – – –


The goal was to adapt my modest workspace so I can tackle large work, hopefully up to 8 FEET in length. To manage it, I had to identify space that was either overlooked or that could handle overlapping uses. Here’s my construction mess at the beginning of day 2:


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.18.51 PM


Now, check out the photo below, of my new studio – – – isn’t my loooooooong worktable wonderful!


There’s ALWAYS plenty of unused air space in any room. That tower of shelves in the middle is on casters, so it can be easily moved around. It also has a small foot print for the great amount of paper and work it can store. The table that butts up against it is now totally free! And do you see my printing press? When in use, the bed actually rolls through and hangs over that same table. See what I mean by overlapping space?


In addition, I’ve added several new shelves, including two wide ones on which I can stack big work. There are three ways to back up in the room, so that I can look at and assess pictures underway, and the lighting is adjustable to any situation.


It’s a pretty cozy studio, but it’s also highly functional. I’m happy in it!



Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.18.38 PM





Particularly fine moves in this one!


It’s wonderful when a mark fresh off the brush has real character, and then I manage to add even more – like in the big, black, loopy petal at top. Did it with a beat up, split brush. Then, as the ink was drying, I pressed and ground into it to create gritty-gray patches.


Here’s a closer look:


Logan FLOWERING354 detail 1





Logan Nikolai's Mountain 38 blog


I’m always getting better at creating the illusion of surface character. The mountain view above went a bit nuts on me – yep, it sure did. Geez, you might not even be able to tell what it is, but even so, I’m kinda thrilled by it. And all that seeming texture you see is actually painted or printed. You wouldn’t think it, but the picture’s surface is utterly smooth.


You can’t say that about the next picture though! The surface of that grainy, crumbly old mountain in the mist is horrifically beat up. I’m not certain the sheets would stay together if I hung ’em up! For the version I’m showing you, I’ve digitally mounted them on a brown, deckled edged sheet (did it in Photoshop). I’ll probably have to something like this for real to keep this picture together.


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 33 blog


If you spend a little time looking close at my pictures, you’ll discover that their surfaces are often very complex – a world within the world I’m portraying. I like altering my paper. It’s as if my pictures end up being as much in their sheets as on them!


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 33 blog detail



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 42 blog


I’m pretty much always at work somewhere within a long line of paintings & drawings. This was the one I did right after the mountain view I showed you yesterday. You can tell it was the next step. That’s how it goes with me – one picture leads to another – and ever on. No wonder there are stacks of work all over the place up here, in various stages of completion or crisis!


I’m learning all the time. Now I know that textures/marks/movements that you can see through are beguiling. Being able to look into the stacked up layers makes a picture seem more real to me, as if I’ve got it right all the way through.


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 42 detail



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 37


This has such presence! Why do certain pictures so claim their personality? Doesn’t seem to have much to do with me.


There’s brushwork and tricksy stuff happening in there, but also plenty of inked collage. And my method has turned very geologic = grinding, sanding, wrinkling twisting & torquing. At the end of it all, it took more time to get the picture stabilized!


Here are closer views:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 37 detail 2


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 37 detail 1



Logan Butterfly 1 9-21-18


I am burying myself in bug pictures and butterfly wings! Don’t know where these came from or why I have such a strange compulsion.


My most pleasant surprise is that a lot of the transfer printing and painting I’ve been doing is suddenly working incredibly well. How is this possible? The charm of my method is that when things do work, the results are as marvelous as they are unpredictable. Of course, the flip side is that with so little control, unredeemable messes are just as likely! Yet I’ve wanted incredible butterfly wings and time after time I’m getting them!


Logan Butterfly 2 9-21-18


I AM AMAZED! They are COOL. And they look almost as if they emerged all on their own without any help from me. Which means now I’m in kind of a jam: how on earth do I put little bodies in the middle of all of these wings that have the same spontaneous, happenstantial feel? I have absolutely no idea – – – yet.


Exuberant, graphic bugs are happening too. They’re done with rapid intensity and it seems like they end up finally working only after I’ve given up on them and started making crazy, what-the-hell moves!


Logan bug 1 1 9-21-18


And finally, comes the oddest little beastie of all. I’m not even sure it’s an insect! That whole, squarish, head-ish area (on the left side) is made of scraps torn from other dead paintings and taped down. Actually to be precise, it’s mostly the backs of the scraps you’re seeing, where ink has bled or been driven through.


Oh what is going on? Up is down. Wrong is right. Or maybe it’s still just wrong. All I know is that I must keep my balance and keep going.


Logan bug 2 1 9-21-18



Logan BIG dragonfly 2




You know there are stacks of half finished pictures up here in my lair. In fact, I have a hard time finding the ones I want to work on!


So, it just makes perfect sense that instead of dealing with what I’ve already started, I should begin still more – and decide to MAKE ‘EM REALLY BIG!


The 3-sheet dragonfly under way (at top) is a monster at 54 inches wide, while the one below (at left) is 2/3rds that. AND I’m starting to stack panels too. At right are three seemingly mismatched sheets from my Norwegian mountain pictures pile. Not sure why I’m looking at them this way, but something’s tickling my intuition. Wonder what it is and how it’ll sort out?


Logan BIG works 9-14-18



Logan studio 8-9-18


I have stacks and stacks of failed paintings in my workspace – which looks like this RIGHT NOW!


Yesterday, I decided to see if I could mine the detritus for scrap to try assembling new, unexpected pictures. Oh my. OH MY!


THIS next photo is of two halves from different pictures that fit almost perfectly together. I was surprised and pretty pleased until I turned them over to tape ’em together.


Logan collage front 9-9-18


THE BACK IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE FRONT! Utter happenstance. So graphically strong and unexpected! In this next photo, I’ve laid a few more torn up scraps of other pictures in and I gotta say, I’m thrilled with the prospects. Do I have the beginnings of a two-sided picture going here?


Logan scrap collage back 9-9-18


Annnnd, it gets even better! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED when I just laid the pieces below on top of each other with no attempt to adjust how they fit! Holy poop, I LOVE THIS. Am going to have to give it some serious time and attention. The assemblage is currently over 4′ long – and it could grow further!


Logan large collage 8-9-18


PLEASE click my last image to make it larger – you’ll see why I’m excited!


I won’t write you again for a few days – seems I have my hands full, don’t you think?



It’s good to be home, although I had a wonderful August, with every kind of fun I’d hoped for! Something surprising is that I began painting Montana thunderheads, storms and rain skirts. Oh holy moly, that was tougher than I expected!


How do I judge what I did? Will anything from that experience filter into upcoming work? I guess we’ll find out! My workspace is clean and reorganized, so I’m all set for my next BIG, BIG push.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: below are quick snapshots of some storm pictures. One thing I quickly learned is that clouds with nothing else adding context to their picture are kinda confusing. Thus, I spent a lot of time in and around Yellowstone National Park photographing ridge lines and hills that might look good below big, booming skies! Should I plug them into some of these views, or just dive in to new attempts? Am leaning towards the latter – – –




Logan Storm Cloud 10


Logan Storm Cloud 5


Logan Storm Cloud 4


Logan Storm Cloud 3


Logan Storm Cloud 1



Logan Studio shot 7-14-18 1


Hey ya –


Here are quick studio snapshots of pictures on the boards just now. All are perplexing me. I seem to be making mountain pictures as much through erosion now as by painting them. I’m ripping, grinding, twisting and sanding so vigorously in fact, that it has become standard to add a back up sheet underneath, and sometimes even a back up to the back up! 


The picture above has three layers. I must flatten the whole deal before I continue assembly – or add more.


The next one may be my favorite of this batch. I’m in love with the BIG black marks running across – I think they’re a waterline/wave? I was actually thinking of Hokusai’s picture, The Great Wave off of Kanagawa, while I did it. As you can see, there is still sanding, edge blending and repair to do.


Logan Studio shot 7-14-18 2


My third picture has a looooooong way to go yet, and I’m worried I won’t find my way to a finish. But I have to try particularly hard because there are wonderful things going on in there already. I’m in love with the upper right quarter. Oh what to do?


The scraps of paper laying on the lower left are me just playing with notion of adding more textural/gestural overlay. I could either paint or collage – or both. Still thinking.


I wonder if this might be a nocturne?


Logan Studio shot 7-14-18 3


Finally, quite a few of my pictures lately have looked this raw to begin with. What you see here are scraps of other failed attempts that I’ve started trying to put roughly together, just to see if another mountain picture may be in there. Possibly!


Logan Studio shot 7-14-18 4



Logan studio snapshot 7-6-18 1


Good things happening in the ol’ painting and paper destruction department! Just look at these two – they’ve taken me further down my creative road than I had expected, and it’s both thrilling and a bit scary! Feel like my thinking has to catch up a little, or maybe I really shouldn’t let it? Huh.


Once you see really good scans (these are just quick snapshots), you are going to be AMAZED!




Logan studio snapshot 7-6-18 2


There is sooooooo much going on everywhere in these. To keep working on both, I had to add backup sheets because I was so brutal in painting, ripping, scraping, tearing, soaking and twisting the top layer. Am I sculpting as much as painting now?


Logan studio snapshot 7-6-18 detail 1



Logan Dragonfly 7-3-18 3


A dragonfly and a damsel fly that are as abstract as not – was trying for that, and like how these came out. Some very nice mark making in there!


Logan Dragonfly 7-3-18 1




Logan Nikolai's Mountain 15 Makeready blog


Printing with India ink on an old iron press = printing with water = squishes out all over! Rust is bad!


I use paper folders to contain the mess, This is one of them. Pressure drove my ink clear through the sheets I was printing and into it – the result is a gorgeous bonus image!


I actually sent this picture through the press a second time to add more to it, so this is one of the first ones in which I intentionally started tweaking happenstance. That working partnership continues!


Here are closer views:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 15 Makeready detail2 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 15 Makeready detail1 blog



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 31 blog


I actually can’t quite decide what’s going on back in there – is that the most ethereal mountain ever, or is it sky? Dunno. But I sure like how this one sets up questions!




I probably won’t post again for a few days – so much to do, and I’m trying to get it done. Until next time, here are closeups of today’s Norway picture, to give you something to wander around in.


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 31 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 31A detail2 blog



Logan Nikolai's Mt 13 makeready blog


Lately, I’ve been using an antique printing press to create some textures and portions of my pictures, but I work with India ink. Squishy, watery ink + an old iron press = RUST = BAD!!!


To contain the mess, I put what I’m printing inside paper folders – LIKE THIS ONE! The pressure drove the ink clear through what I was printing and into it. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL, UNEXPECTED BONUS PRINT!!


I should also mention that I’m printing images twice as big as my press bed. I manage it by folding what I’m printing in half so I can do two sheets at once. Here, let me quickly diagram what we’re really seeing here:


Logan Nikolai's Mt 13 makeready diagram